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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Pelizzo


Pelicci, very very rare, is specific to Gubbio in the Perugia area, Pellicci is decidedly Tuscan, quite rare, it seems specific of Lucca and Pistoia, Pelliccia has a strain between Carrarese and Lucca, but the main core is in the central area that includes Umbria , the Viterbo, the Roman, the Latin, the frusinate, the Aquila, the Theatine, the Campobasso, the Caserta and the Neapolitan, Pelliccio, very rare, is from Naples, Pelizza has various stocks in the north, in the range that includes the Genoese, Parma, Alessandria, Pavese and Milanese, and in Veneto the Paduan and Venetian Pelizzi, very rare, is specific to Parma, Pelizzo, equally rare, has a Friulian stock in Attimis in Udine and a very small in Terracina in the latinense area, Pellizza, absolutely rare, has rare presences in the alerssandrino, bunting area, and in the Neapolitan area, Pellizzi is typically Calabrian, from Casabona and Strongoli in the Crotone area, all these surnames should derive from the fat that the progenitors were called by the name or nickname Peliccia or Pelizza, with the same meaning, normally attributed to those who did the trade or the tanner or the leather-maker, or were in any case enrolled in the guild of craftsmen who worked the skins, of the use of this type of name we have an example in a deed dated 1349 in Florence: "Die 29 Iunii 1349. Cece, et Pelliccia fratres, et filii quond. Bindi Sassi de Domo de Gherardinis pro se ipsis, et pro quatuor eorum filiis masculis, et eorum descendentibus exponunt, quod Domus de Gherardinis divided east into tres partes, sive tres latus, and unus latus sunt illi de Montecorboli, secundus latus sunt illi, here appellantur de Stremis, tertius latus sunt illi, here appellantur illi de Vicchio, de quo latere de Vicchio sunt dicti Cece, et Pelliccia, et eorum filii; et quod dicti Cece, et Pelliccia desiderant separari ne dum ab omnibus aliis de d. Domo de Gherardinis, sed etiam ab aliis de ipsorum latere de Vicchio, quia non bene convenience, cum eis, imo inimicantur eosdem maxime descendentes Bernardi, et Naldi D. Lotti, quod d. Cece condemnare fecit, jam sunt plures years ... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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