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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Pillon


Pillon is typical Venetian probably originating from the Treviso area, Pilon is a little more rare, it is always Venetian, it should have various derivations, the Altoaltesino lineage should derive from the toponym Campilli (BZ), the others could derive from nicknames related to the Latin word pilum (spear), as it is more than possible that they derive from the Latin cognomen Pilonicus, of which we have an example in an ancient Roman tombstone: "Liberteis hisce fecere patron Q (uintus) Ovi (us) Q (uinti) l (ibertus) Barg (ates) = Q (uintus) Nadiacus Q (uintus) Pilon (icus) Q (uintus) Ovi (us) C (ai) f (ilius) Freg (ellanus) hic sepult (us) = quod suis dedit apparet ", or from the cognomen Pilo ( Pilonis). hypotheses provided by Alessandra alepyll@tin.it Pillon is not a surname typically Venetian as one might think, but it is a surname of Norman origin. (see documented site www.piloninternational.ca/international/earmoir.htm. In fact, the highest percentage of this surname is not in Veneto, but in France (Pillon) and in Canada (Pilon). comment on the hypothesis Nothing excludes that there are Pillonis of Norman origin, quite another thing is to maintain that all the Pillon have that origin.The Norman migration flow is far from the area of maximum diffusion of the Venetian Pillon that demonstrate a concentration and a distribution that can hardly be of an autochthonous species: As evidence of the above we read in MEN, ZATTIERI AND CRIMINALS IN THE SEICENTO THE PROCESSES OF CISON by Giancarlo Follador: "... A thief is instead Mattio del fu Zuanne Dal Pont, bellman from Palermo, sentenced with sentence of 18 April 1667, also from the Maleficio di Cison. On the evening of 8 March he was arrested for presenting himself at Cison's tavern with a "Brachetta" considered stolen from Canon Pilon ... "

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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