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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Pucci


Puccetti, very rare, has a nucleus in the area outlined by the provinces of Bologna, Florence, Livorno and LaSpezia, Pucci is widespread throughout Italy peninsular, Pucciarelli has a strain between break and Massa in particular, one between Leghorn, Pisa and Fiorentino, one in Maceratese, one in the Roman and one between Neapolitan, Salerno above all and Potentino, Pucciatti has some presence in the Terni and a stump in Rome, Puccinelli is typically Tuscan, especially the area Lucchese and Pisana, Lucca and Viareggio in particular, Puccini is specific to Tuscany, Puccio is typical of western Sicily and Catanzaro, should derive, directly or through hypochoral forms, or patronymic, from the medieval name Puccius, of which we have an example in Pisa in the second half of 1200 With Puccius de Laiano quoted among the senior citizens of the city in 1289. Traces of this knowledge we find in Florence in 1600: "... Franciscus Ille Puccius erat Sæcularis: In Hæresim eam tandem incidit, UT believet et ubique prædicaret se esse missum a Deo ad Reformationem Ecclesiæ... ". Additions provided by Andrea Manni a Pucci family of Florence, historical Allied physicians, would descend from a Jacopuccio lived in 1200, from which derives the name Puccio, and then the Cognominization Pucci. Some Tuscan Pucci are believed to have moved to the south, in Naples, and thus contributed to the spread of the surname. For the Pucci present in the south, in particular for Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, there is also another hypothesis: the derivation through a phonetic and orthographic adaptation by a surname Arbëreshë, Puqi from the root Puq (for more details See CUCCI) or Puci (also Puçi), still present in Albania as surnames. Puci in particular could derive from a local Albanian toponym (Puci or Puka), and could have generated in southern Italy also the homonymous surname Puci, present mainly in Sicily. It is however difficult to trace the original cognominal form without the aid of documentation of the time because the spelling of the Albanian language has undergone a standardization only since the beginning of 1900 with the greater diffusion of the alphabet Latin (in some cases, it is probably a reintroduction). It should be noted that many of the surnames widespread in southern Italy, which are generally attributed to an Albanian origin, were actually already present in Italy and of native origin. Historical examples of the last name Pucci are in Tuscany with Puccio Pucci (Florence 1389-Florence 1449), Gonfaloniere of justice in Florence in 1447, and with Antonio Pucci (Firenze 1350-Firenze after 1416), member in Florence in 1404 of the magistracy of the Twelve Buonmen .

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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