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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Radino


Rada, absolutely rare, it would seem of the Piedmont area, Lombarda, Rade, equally uncommon, would appear to Veneto, Radetti, slightly less rare, has a small strain Giuliano in Trieste and Doberdò Lake in Goriziano, Radi has a strain between Grossetano and Siena and one in the Urbinate, Radin has a stump in Vicenza, Breganze and Valdagno, and a very significant one in Trieste, with presences also in Duino Aurisina in Trieste and in Monfalcone in Goriziano, Radini, very very rare, is present in Macchia di leopard In northern Italy, Radino has a strain in the upper Potentino and one in Syracuse, Rado is typically Veneto, of Venetian in particular, Radone is practically unique, Radoni has a small strain in Venice and one in Ancona and Falconara maritime, Raducci, extremely rare, seems abruzzese, Raduzzi, almost unique, is of the Venetian, could all derive, directly or through hypochoral or accreitive forms, from the medieval name of Germanic origin Rado derived from the Old High German rad ( The current rat, it is also possible to derive from the apheresis of the name Conrad; Of this use we have examples in the diplomatic code of medieval Lombardy in a Cartula comutacionis of the year 966 in Cremona where you can read: "... Ego Radinus rogatus testis subscripsi... " And in a short ostensionis terrarum of 1176 in Mondonico we find: "... Interfuerunt Bonussenior Bassus de Montedonico, Oddo de Iohanne Radino atque suprascriptus Albericus avocatus testes. ...". Additions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi on the origin of these surnames converge at least two hypotheses, which, however different from each other, do not necessarily exclude each other-more than anything, should be considered valid depending on the different Origin of these families. Firstly, it is very probable that a derivation from the medieval name Rado, which, as rightly indicated, should be born from an adaptation of the German Rad staff, an integral part of the more common Konrad (the Italian Corrado); Alternatively, a relationship with the medieval name Radeghiero, also of Germanic origin (see Radeghieri), is not excluded. Turning now to the second hypothesis, it should be noted that in several cases of surnames such as Rado, Radin, etc are actually hiding an ancient Slavic origin (more probably Slovenian in Friuli), which derives from the Slavic name Rado, which, together with the variants Rade and Rados, It literally means cheerful, Felice (see Allegra, Felice and Rados): The root of the name, in fact, is the term proto-Slavo rad (Cheerful, joyful), rather frequent in the onomastics of Eastern Europe-for example, think of the names Radomir, Radoslav, Radovan, Etc. This Slavic source, for its precision, is not only worth in Friuli Venezia Giulia (for obvious geographic reasons), but, theoretically, along the entire eastern end of the Italian peninsula, from the north to the south of the country (in fact, in the Puglie). With regard to the last names in question, therefore, it would be the cognominizations of the personal name of the parent, even if, in minor cases, it must be said that no alternative hypothesis is excluded-for example, think of the existence of surnames such as Radda and Raddi, also variously interpreable (sometimes also on the basis of toponomastic). Additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Radin, in addition to the obvious apheresis by the name Conrad, it must be considered that there is also a Croatian surname Ràdin/Ràdina from the name Ràdin/Ràdina derived from ' ràdin ' = laborious, in turn by ' rad ' = work. Source: M. Bonifacio, surname Triestini, p. 219. Radino is the surname Lucano that comes probably from the Franconian name Radwinus attested in the VIII century in France.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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