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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Ravoni


Rava is very widespread in Piedmont and Lombardy and in Romagna, in particular in Ravenna, Ravi is almost unique, Ravo, extremely rare, has a small strain in the Sondriese, one in the Parma and a significant one in the Neapolitan in Casalnuovo of Naples and Naples, Ravone is rare, has a Small stump in Naples and San Giorgio a Cremano in Neapolitan and one in Brindisi, Ravoni, very rare, could have a stump Florentine and one of the Viterbo and Agro Romano, Ravotti has a small stump in San Remo in the Imperiese, a Piedmontese in the Cuneo in Mondovì, San Michele Mondovì and Vicoforte, and one in Baiano in Avellinese, Ravotto has a stump in Garessio in Cuneo and in the nearby Imperia at Pontedassio, they should derive, directly or through hypochoral or augmentitive, from nicknames connected with the Latin adjective ravus, rava ( Dark beige or light brown): "..:"... Quare Tibullus own Sidera fulva Appellavit. Est et aureolae species Arenae, quam fulvam dixit Virgilius: Et genus Quoddam Aquilae ab Aristotle Maxime Celebratum, Color tawny. Here you obtusus Quodammodo EST, atque obscuratus, Vocatur ravus.... ", or with the Latin term ravis (hoarsely), or even with the Latin noun dialectal rava (turnip), in some cases it is possible also that derive, directly or through alterations, by the name Medieval Germanic Ravo of which we have an example in this writing of 1358: "In die Dominica, die Katherine.... Et al. Hinricus dux, filius Alberti Magnopolensis, Placitavit and Duce Saxonie in Ghodebutze, Consumpserunt. Item, A. M. Magnopolensis fuit in Ghodebutze, Consumpserunt. Item Dominus Ravo de Barnekowe et Putzekouwe equitaverunt versus Criwitze et placitaverunt ibi pro captivitatibus.. ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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