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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Saraceno


Saraceni has a log in Rome, one in the Chietino in the area of Vasto and one in Castrovillari in Cosentino, Saraceno has a nucleus in Augusta in Syracuse and one in Reggio Calabria, should derive from an Arab origin or a prisoner of the Arabs. Hypothesis given by A. Mazzuca Saraceno, despite its appearance, is the adjective of the center of Aricia in Lazio, from which Arichino od Aricino; The S is a prosthesis. (Giuseppe Pensabene, Editions AZ, September 2004) integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas SARACENO; SARACINO: These are two surnames almost disappeared from the registry of the communes of Sardinia, despite their considerable presence in the ancient documents of Sardinian language and history, especially in the Condaghi. Currently Saracen is present in two municipalities Sardinian, Sestu and Cagliari and with only one family unit apiece. Also Saracino is present in only two municipalities of Sardinia, Quartu and Arzachena and with only one family unit apiece. They also confirm that these are surnames arrived, in recent times, from the mainland. And of the numerous Saracina, Saracinu, Saracino, Saracine, Saraginu, present in the Condaghi of San Pietro di Silki, San Michele di Salvennor, Santa Maria di Bonarcado and other ancient maps because there is nothing left? See. In the Condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, XI, XIII century, include: Saraginu Furadu (chap. 82), in a partition of servants, between the monastery and the Judge (D'arborea): Ego Girardo, prior de Bonarcado, Facio Party cun iudice: Group Ki amus in Pare in Augustis ( Of the men we have together with Austis).-H-Fiios de Furadu Saraginu: Goantine and Torbini at Clesia, et Iorgi et Orzoco ad Iudice. (The same sons of Furadu, in the same chapter are called Sarakinu). In the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, XIII century, we have: Sarakina or Saracina Littera (Sarakina is the name-287-): (In a Compera) Comporaili to Gunnari de Kerki. I. Die in Petru Cuccuru (one day-the week-work). Et Isse Deitimi (he gave me in return) on Cantu ki Aviat (as he possessed of) in Sarakina Littera et in SA fiia. Testes:. Sarakinu Ianne (102 and 116)-Maiore D'iscolca (commander of the Border Garrison): (In a donation-102), Positinke Donnu Gosantine

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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