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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Scano


Both Scano and Scanu are widespread in Sardinia, should derive from the toponym Scano of Montiferro (OR), traces of these cognominizations are found in Cagliari since the THIRTEENTH century. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas SCANO; SCANU: De Iscanu, of Scano = originating in or coming from Scano Montiferro. Scano Montiferro, is currently a town of 1725 inhabitants of the province of Oristano, about 400 meters A.S.L. The country assumed this denomination from 1862, before it was Iscanu or Scano. In medieval times was villa, "Bidda", with a certain prestige, of the Curadorìa of Montiverru, in the realm of the judicial of Arborea: * are-Scanu M. Ferro. Contrate Castri montis de boar-in the Lpde document of 1388 it reads "Castri montis de VERRO.in Posse wages Arsocho, notarii public et etc. die X January 1388. Nisi bestiaris pastores. Congregatis in Villa de Guilciochor. In the posse Arsoci wages, Habitatoris Bose. Notarii public et etc. die X Januari 1388. In the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, XIII century, Iscanu is quoted in various chapters (52, 94,161,165,188, etc.) for the Curatorìa of Montiverru and especially for the Camaldolese Church of St. Peter, of which the priors are mentioned, transactions concerning Servanthood and the various lands and Domos, etc. There are several hypotheses on the etymology of the word: Canon Giovanni Spano derives from the Phoenician root "scan" = dwelling, dwelling. Others, including myself, from Scanu or better scannu = chair, chairs, Scanno, stool, for the orographic position of the town; Montiferro, derives instead from Monti Verru = Mount of wild boar, which abound there and are still abundant; From Latin verres and late Latin Verrus.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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