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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Schiavelli


Schiavella is typically Latium, of Genazzano in the Roman and Rome, Schiavelli has a tiny stump in Rome and one in Corigliano Calabro in Cosentino, Schiavello has a large strain in Rome and a smaller one in the Vibonese in Acquaro and Soriano Calabro, Schiavetti has a Small stump in the Mantano, a Tuscan in Empoli in the Florentine and in Collesalvetti and Livorno in Leghorn, and one in Rome and in Tivoli, Vicovaro and Fiumicino in the Roman, Schiavetto, very rare, has a Veneto strain in Nervesa della Battaglia and Povegliano in Trevisano and one Romano, Schiavitti, almost unique, is from the Abruzzo area, Latium, Schiavitto, even rarer, is Campano, Schiavulli has a Roman strain, one in Foggia in Cerignola and one in Bari and Gravina in Puglia in the Barese, Schiavullo, almost unique, is Neapolitan, Schiavuzzi, Extremely rare, it would appear northern while Schiavuzzo is practically unique, should derive from the italianization of late medieval hypochoristic forms that indicate a Slavic origin of the ancestor, from the medieval Sclavus (Slavic) term, Perhaps of petite build, so as to justify the diminutive form of the term.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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