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Tagliaferri is widespread mainly in Lombardy, but also has strains in Bolognese, Florentine, Lazio and Neapolitan, Taliaferri, practically unique is due to a mistake of transcription of the previous, cut-off, less widespread, has a stump in the Vicenza, a In the Goriška, one in the province of Rome and in Campania, Tagliafierro is typical Campano, of the Caserta in particular, derive from nicknames originated either from the craft of master blacksmith or from the ability to handle weapons and the ability to cleave the armor, with a Stroke of axe or sword. Integrations provided by Stefano Ferrazzi in most cases, in fact, these surnames should derive from the medieval name Tagliaferro, the Italianization that is the staff French Taillefer, made famous by the chivalric epic (the name Tagliaferro, on the other hand, is also mentioned in the eighteenth century drama La Cecchina, by Niccolò Piccinni). From the etymological point of view (as already rightly mentioned), the term Tagliaferro indicates a skilled soldier in passing the armor or the shield of the adversary with his weapons: it is easy, therefore, to Intuit how the name Tagliaferro was attributed to the new NATO as Wish you a future by skillful fighter. With regard to the last names in question, therefore, it is more often the knowledge of the personal name of the ancestor, even if in some cases it is not excluded a derivation from nicknames (for example, by epithets of war) or by names of trade (like that of Blacksmith, who in fact gave rise to several surnames, widespread even outside of our country.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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