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Pocket has a stump in the Alexandrian, one in Milan and Bergamo, one in Vicenza, Padovano, Trevisano and Veneziano, one in central-southern Lazio, one in Bari and one in Sicily, in Nisseno, Ragusano, Catania and Messina, Taschi, almost unique, is the Centronord , The Taschini has a log in Bergamo and Villa d'almè in Bergamasco, a small one in Novellara in Reggiano, an even smaller one in Pistoia and Prato, one in Perugino in Città di Castello, Perugia and Citerna and at Castel Giorgio in Ternano, one in Celleno, Viterbo and Vetralla in Viterbes And one in Rome, Tasco, has an Apulian strain in Brindisi, a Salve in Lecce and San Giorgio Ionico in Tarantino, and a very very small in Catania, Tascone has a stump in San Salvo in the Teatino, a small in Neapolitan and one in Sicily , in Gela in Nisseno, in Castell'Umberto in Messina and in Sciara in Palermo, Tasconi is almost unique and should be wrong transcriptions of the previous, should derive, directly or through hypochoral forms, the Latin name of Barbary origins Tasco, Tasconis, or its Latinized version Tascus, name of which we have an example in the writings of Gaius Plinio Cecilio second (Pliny the Younger) that in a letter to Tacitus speaks of the Father Pliny the Elder, who during the eruption of Vesuvius, received a Message of request for help from Rectina wife of a certain Tasco who lived in a villa on the slopes of Vesuvius: "... Egrediebatur Domo; Accipit Codicillos Rectinae Tasci imminent laid exterritae-nam Villa eius Subiacebat, nec Ulla nisi navibus escape-: ut se so much discriminates eriperet orabat. Vertit Ille Consilium et quod scholar Animo Incohaverat obit Maximo. Deducit Quadriremes, Ascendit ipse non Rectinae mode sed multis-erat enim frequens amoenitas orae-Laturus auxilium. The lighthouse is a very rectumque cursum recta Gubernacula in periculum tenet adeo solutus metu, UT omnes illius mali motus omnes figuras ut deprenderat oculis dictaret enotaretque. ..".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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