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Tassetti has a log in the Bergamo area at Sorisole and in Bergamo and one in Civitanova Marche in Macerata, Tassetto is typical of the Venetian country of Lupia, Camponogara, Pianiga and Mira, rates is common throughout the band that includes Lombardy, Emilia and central Italy , Tassini has a strain in the area of Mantovana, one in the area Giuliana, one between Florentine, Aretino, Siena and Perugino and one between Romano and Latinense, Tassino, absolutely rare, it would seem Genoese, Tasso seems to have more strains, in the Genoese and Alexandrian, in Turin, in the Veneto and in the south in Campania and Calabria, Tassotti has a strain in Alto Friuli in Tolmezzo and Paluzza (UD), a strain of Marche in the Piceno and one in Rome, Tassotto is specific to Udinese, should derive directly or through hypochoristic name Lombard rate of which we have an example in this judicial act written in Pavia in 762: "... In nomine Domini. Ex-Iussione Domni precellentissimi desiii regis resedisseminus nos illustribus ueris Gisilpert...... Et Alpert de ciuitate Pisana. Dicebat ipse rate: Quia tu Alpert contra ordinem introistas in res quondam auriperti Germani tui,... "Traces of this cognisisation are found in the Bresciano diplomatic code to the repertoire of the Notai Roganti, in which is mentioned a tto drawn up in 1192 by a Certainly "Bertramus Tassus notarius sacri pallatii interfui et rogatus scripsi". We recall among the characters with this name the famous author Sorrentino of the Jerusalem liberated Torquato Tasso (1544-1595). Additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli II surname is of toponymic origin; From a locality rate «Tasso», live as much in the Genoese as in the Aretino. Related to the surname rates is Tassini and maybe even Tassoni.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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