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Tegas is typically Sardinian, Baunei, Talana, Lanusei, Triei and Lotzorai in Ogliastra, should derive from a nickname originated from the Sardinian word tega (pod, shell), probably attributed to the ancestor. Additions provided by Giuseppe Concas TEGAS: Tega (from the Latin theca), is a widespread voice in many Italian dialects to indicate the shell or pod of fava beans, peas, beans etc. Sa tega de sa fàa = the bean pod. In the central dialects of Sardinia we have tèca; Which makes us think that the Sardinian voice derives from Latin more than from Italian. Always in Sardinian language, SA Tega is also the Manly member. The surname Tegas is present in the ancient documents of the Sardinian language and history. Among the signatories of the Peace of Eleanor, LPDE of 1388, we have: Tegas Dominico, Jurato ville Bauladu, * Bauladu. Today's Bauladu (Contrate Partis de Milis); Tegas Nicolao, Majore ville Solli, * Solli. Today's Silli. Contrate Partis Milis. In the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI °, XIII ° century figure Tegas Gosantine (298), quoted in a donation, because it owns a farm bordering on the land donated to St. Nicholas, by Donna Pretiosa de Martis, in the locality "Iscala de Soricaria in Consedin "(Current Cossoine): Ego Pretiosa de Martis ki Ponio (gift) in Sanctu Nichola de Trullas sa parthone (the part) de sa Terra in quo las Aveat in Consedin to now de sa morte (at the hour of his death), Cun Boluntade (with the will of)

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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