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Testa is absolutely pan-Italian, texts is specific of the area that includes Lombardy, Veronese, Emilia, Toscana and Perugino, head is practically unique, Testini instead has a Lombard strain in the Sondriese and Alto Bresciano, Picvcoli strains in Tuscany and Lazio Northern and one in Puglia, in Partiicularis in Bari, Testino has an important strain in Genoa and in Davagna in the Genoese and one in Corato in Bari with a small strain also in Cerignola in the Foggiano, Testoni has a stump in the Como, one in Bologna and one in Sassari , can derive, directly or through hypochoristic, from the medieval name Testa or, more easily, from nicknames related to the word head, or with reference to a particularly coarse head, or authoritarian attitudes. Traces of these cognitive-cognizations we find in Pavia already in 1418: "Ego Georgius head Civis Vercellensis, filius Antoni de Testis, Habitans in Vicinia seu parochia Sancte Agnetis, Vercellensis publichus autoritate Imperial Notarius Intravi Collegium Sub Anno Domains current Milleximo CCCC ° XVIII, die xx ianuarii... ". Integrations provided by Simonetta Flore Testa also born, as a playful nickname, from the Latin Head (crock), the Testaccio Hill is formed by earthling debris of ancient Rome, is widespread also because it is very ancient: in the second century B.C. there was a Trebazio Testa, Latin grammarian

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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