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Both Tomasi and Tommasi are widespread throughout northern Italy, with probable strains also in Cagliari, Salento and southern Sicily, Tomaxetti is very widespread in the central segment that includes the Marche, Umbria, Lazio, and Abruzzo, Tomassi is Specific to the area that includes Umbria, Lazio and L'aquilano, with maximum concentration in Rome and in the Roman in Palestrina and Sora, Cervaro, Strangolagalli, Cassino and Aquino in Frusinate, Tomasso is specific to the area that includes the frusinate, with Vallerotonda, Cassino and Acquafondata, Rome and Molise, with Montagano and Campobasso in Campobassano and Venafro in Iserniese, Tommasi also has a strain in Tuscany, derive, through dialectal changes, even hypochoral, from the medieval name Thomasus; Famous Saint Thomasus aquinensis. Examples of this knowledge are in the Diploma of King Charles 1st of Anjou, drawn up in Capua in August 1267, where we read: "... Tertia pecia Terra est ubi dicitur at patronillum et hes habet fines: AB One assessors et one capita est finis terra ecclesiae sancte Marie de Ponte latroni, ab alio assessors est finis terra thomasi de Airola... ", in an act of Emperor Frederick III ° dated September 13, 1373 It reads: "... Item lego Margaritae puellae filiae quamdam Thomasij Busco salmatam UNAM Terras Magnae mensurae Maltae ad arbitrium dictorum fidei commissariorum... ", in an act of 1447 written in Gubbio in Perugino reads:"... Olim de Forbello, "Incolis de Eugubio" (Gubbio), Presentibus, Stipulantibus et recipientibus pro eis et ipsomum heredibus et vice et cep angeletti Pauli, olim de Forbello, et vice et cep piermathey tomassi et lodovici et Nardi, filiorum dikti Angeli, et filiorum et Heredum cuiuscumque Ipsorum, Unum Pilum, alias Sepulturam, Existentem in Ecclesia Dikti loci,... ", traces to the north are found in an act written in Milan in 1476 where it reads:"... Ego Giroldinus de Portu, filius domains Thomasi porte Vercelline. ". Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas TOMASI; TOMMASI: Derive from the name Thomas. It is a Hebrew name, in fact it derives from the root "Ta'am", which in Hebrew means twin. The Gospels recall Thomas the Apostle, the fisherman. When Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem, Thomas warned him that it was too dangerous for him, but given his iron decision, he added, also addressed to the other apostles: "Let us go too, we will die with you"!

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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