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Tortora and Tortorella are widespread throughout the centre-south, but particularly in Campania, Tortorelli is more typical of the south, of Matera and of the Matera in particular, Tortorello is almost unique, tortore, very rare, it would seem of the Cuneese, Tortori is very rarest, it would appear of the Area between Aretino and Perugino, Tortoriello seems specific of Neapolitan and Salernitano, Torturiello, almost unique, could be of the Potentino, Turtora, absolutely rare, it is of the south, Turtura seems Bolognese, Turturiello, very rare, has a small strain to Naples and in Ricigliano in Salerno, but the main nucleus is to Bavano in the Potentino, should all derive either directly or through hypochoral or changes more or less dialectal, from the medieval name Turtora or Turtura, as a Christian symbol of innocence and Purity, in some cases may derive from the Tortora place names in the Cosentino or Tortorella in Salerno, traces of these cognominizations are found since the Middle Ages, for example in the diplomatic code of medieval Lombardy in a paper Venditionis et finis del 1183 at Casaletto we read: "... Et est illud prebendum in Quatuor petiis: First Petia est in Campo de la Porta et est novem pertice et quinque tabule, a mane filii Alberti Bonisenioris, at Meridie via, at Sero Monasterium, at Monte Vuilielmus Turtura; Fourth Petia est in Vulpinera et est decem viginti pertice plus minusve sic... ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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