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Vaccarelli has a strain in L'Aquila and one in Puglia in Massafra in the Tarentine and Mola di Bari in the Barese, Vaccarello is definitely Sicilian, with a main strain in the Agrigentino in Aragon and Agrigento, and branches to Vittoria in Ragusano and Palermo, Vaccaretti, Absolutely rare, is specific to the Vicenza, Vaccaretto, almost unique, it would seem to Veronese, Vaccari is extremely widespread throughout the central part of northern Italy, Vaccariello is typically Campano, di Rotondi and Cervinara In the Avellinese, of Naples and Sessa Aurunca in the Casertano, very rare vaccarini, could be identified two strains, in Rimini and Anconetano, with a secondary nucleus in Milan, Vaccarino would seem Sicilian with stumps in the Messina Messina, peace of Apple, Santa Lucia del Mela, San Filippo del Mela and Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto and strains probably not secondary to Palermo and San Cipirello in the Palermitano, to Vittoria in the Ragusano and Siculiana in the Agrigentino, Vaccaro is widespread throughout the central South, Vaccarone, very Very rare, it would seem of the area between Alexandrian and Pavese, Vaccaroni is absolutely rare, perhaps originating in the Milanese, Vaccarotti, very rare, it would seem Lazio, Vaccarotto, extremely uncommon, it would seem of Padovano, should all derive, directly or through various types of hypochoral forms, from nicknames based on the craft of the Vaccaro (guardian of cows) probably carried out by the ancestor.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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