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Zavatta seems specific to Rimini, Zavatti has a Lombard strain in the Cremonese and Mantovano, an Emiliano in Modena, Bolognese and Ferrarese, and one Romagna in the Forlivese and Rimini, Zavattini seems to have a stump in the Mantovano and one in the Rimini, Zavatto is Specific to Cetraro in the Cosentino, all these surnames derive, directly or through hypochoristic or accreitive, from dialectal variations of the word ciabatta or cobbler and can stand to indicate the craft of the cobbler probably carried out by Founders. Traces of these cognitive finds are in the diary held by the curate Zavattoni of Verano Brianza in Milan, which he noted in the Baptisms register: "The year 1627 never matured the mile in the panic towards the mountain and Ben Puocho et Cativo to the Plains, et There was no chestnut, and the cause was that it rained almost always from nine of August until seven of December that was the feast of Saint Ambrosio... ", or even in a report of 1678 preserved in the parish of Calitri in the Avellinese, preserved in Local Church of San Canio: "... Lonardo Antonio Margotta was killed in the square at Hore 18 to be excommunicated was drawled, and buried inside a casalino near the Gabelle, the killers were Giuseppe Zavatta and Don Sebastiano Giliberti his brother-in-law for cause that said Lonardo Antonio went Trying to kill said Don Sebastiano.. ".

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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