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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Zonca


Zonca has two distinct nucleuses: a Sardinian one in Nuraminis (CA) and a Turri (MD), and a Lombard one with a nucleus in the Bergamo area between Bonate Sopra, Calusco D`adda, Suisio and Bergamo, Zonchello, very very rare, it would seem Sardinian of the Oristano , of course the origins are profoundly different, the Sardinian one could derive from nicknames linked to the Sardinian word tzonca which means owl, owl, barn owl, it seems unlikely the thesis provided by some deriving from the term tzodda (drunkenness, ciucca), for the Lombard stock identifying the origin is quite difficult, some hypotheses can be formulated, a suggestion derives from a nickname originated from the dialectal voice of Bergamo zonc (tree stump) and could be originated from characteristics of particular resistance of the progenitor. hypothesis provided by Franco Pettinato With regard to the Sardinian nucleus, the campidanese tzonca, axiol (nocturnal bird), with sgnified figurative of tonto is not to be ignored. For the northern nucleuses I would not neglect the Italian verb cioncare tracannare, to drink with greed, with the common change of the sweet "ci" in "zeta" of the northern dialects. It could therefore be a nickname. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ZONCA: we have two fundamental nuclei: one Lombard, widespread in Bergamo (present in 139/1545 Municipalities) and the other Sardinian, widespread in Sardinia (20/377 Municipalities) with Nuraminis in the first place with 82, Tuili 47, Cagliari 35, Quartu SE 12, Elmas 12, etc. Sa tzònca, sa 'ntzònca, s'intzònca in Campidanese is the owl (we do not agree on the meaning of sbornia = cioncia, from Italian cioncare = to drink greedily). It is a surname widespread almost exclusively in Campidano. From intzòchca it could derive intzunchiai = to complain, to emit lai, lamentations, just like the owl.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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