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The Heraldic Traces are dossiers made by an A.I. useful as a starting point for researchers and passionate heraldists and confirm that there is information to work on and it is possible to order a heraldic document.
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Nobles: France (Aisne)
Nobility: Famille Noble - Chevaliers - Seigneurs
Language of the text: Français

Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

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Antona would seem to be from the Agrigento area, Antonazzi has a stock in the Roman area in Morlupo and in Rome, and one in Puglia in Surbo in the Lecce area, Antonazzo has a strain, probably secondary, in Rome, one in Sicily, especially in Torregrotta in the Messina area, but the the most important strain is in southern Puglia, in the Lecce area of Carpignano Salentino, Tiggiano, Parabita, Ortelle, Ugento and all of Lecce, with a large strain also in Grottaglie in the Tarentino area, Antonelli, very widespread, is Panitalian, Antonello is typical of Veneto, Antoni it would seem Tuscan, Antoniazzi is typical of Lombardoveneto, Antoniazzo, very very rare, has a stock in the Novara area and one in the Veneto region, Antonicelli would seem to be specific to the area that includes the Bari and the Taranto area, Antonicello, practically unique, is probably due to errors in transcription of the previous one, Antoniel, very very rare, is specific to Pordenone and the Pordenone area with some presence in the nearby Treviso area, Antonietti has a lineage in northern Italy Western Italian, in Genoa, Turin, in Verbanese, in Lombardy, with small stocks also in Emilia, and has stocks in the central belt that includes Urbino, Ancona, Perugia, Rome and Latin, Antonio, extremely rare, seems to be centrosud, Antoniol is characteristic of Sovramonte in the Belluno area with a secondary lineage also in Codognè and Fontanelle in the Treviso area, Antonioli is typically Lombard, Antoniolo, very rare, it would seem Veronese, Antonione, extremely rare, it would seem Piedmontese, Antonioni has Emilian stocks, in the Urbino and between Rome and Latina , Antoniotti and Antoniotto are typically Piedmontese, Antoniozzi is specific to the Roman and the rietino, Rome, Rieti and Gallicano nel Lazio (RM) in particular, all derive from more or less hypocoristic modifications of the Latin name Antonius, probably of Etruscan origin although we do not know the root that is the basis of a whole series of surnames distributed equally throughout Italy. Another possible origin of this series of surnames, especially in the south could be the Greek name Antionos, which means born first (ante gnatos with the same ancestor root).

"L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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