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Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

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Baccigalupi is Genoese, Baccigaluppi, extremely rare is Ligurian, Bacigalupi would seem very rare of La Spezia, Bacigaluppi, absolutely rare, is specific to Camporosso (IM), Bacigaluppo is practically unique, traces of these surnames can be found in Ventimiglia (IM) in 1700 with prelate Monsignor Antonio Maria Bacigaluppi. additions provided by Fabio Paolucci Typical Ligurian surname, is a variant of the more widespread Bacigalupo, particularly present in the municipalities of Genoa, Chiavari and Lavagna. Other derivative cognomal forms, always Ligurian but also found in other regions for migrations that occurred in the past, are Bacigalupi and Baccigalupo. The surname is difficult to interpret: it derives from a sentence composed by the verb, certainly Ligurian dialect, baciga, third person singular of bacigare combined with the term wolf. Several etymological interpretations can be advanced for the explanation of the meaning of the verb bacigare: the first hypothesis considers the French term bac, which literally means ferry, boat; bacigare could derive from the acquisition of the French word with Italianization in a dialectal sense and transformation into the verb bac-igar. The surname could originate from the nickname attributed to a man who ferried the wolves or the wolf, perhaps a derogatory connotation of a predator that constituted a threat from the sea. Another thesis, perhaps more plausible, examines the Greek terms bactereùo or bactreùa (stick, rod) and bactaricrousa (woodpecker with a stick), as well as the Latin word baculum (stick, rod) and its diminutive bacillum (stick, rod used by littori, then used by those who exercised a power), from which it could derive in the Ligurian dialect archaic bacigo in the sense of woodpecker with the stick. Considering the fact that the stick of the Latin tradition, the bacillum, was the one used by a man who exercised power, it can be argued that the last name Bacigalupo was born in past centuries as a nickname assigned in a mocking way to a character who was usually courageously striking the wolves with his rod probably to keep them away from his home or his beasts if he was a shepherd; it was also probable that he was a wolf-skin worker for the purpose of producing clothing. Among the Bacigalupos we should mention some famous people: Nicolò (1837 - 1904), treasurer of the municipality of Genoa and famous poet, Colonel Bacigalupo, who had the honor of escorting the guests with a chosen troop of troops on horseback French (including Giuseppina Bonaparte) along the Bocchetta road in the years of the Ligurian Republic (1797 - 1799); in the same years as the colonel, a certain Paolo Bacigalupo was the author of a riot in Chiavari. additions and coat of arms provided by Alessandro Bacigalupo In the Bacigaluppo coat of arms there is a wolf that holds the four legs on a scales plate that in Genoa is called bansiga. A derivation from the trade of leather merchant could be hypothesized. additions provided by Alberto Bacigalupi Bacigalupi is a surname originating exclusively from a fraction of the municipality of Rezzoaglio, in the Val d'Aveto - Chiavari hinterland (Liguria province of Genoa, Levante). He is not a native of La Spezia where he was born around 1900 for the transfer of emigrants who are waiting for boarding for the Americas find work at the La Spezia Arsenal and stop there.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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