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Cherchi is decidedly Sardinian, Chierchia is Neapolitan, Cherchia and Chierchio are very rare and should be a transcription error of Chierchia, they should all derive from Kyerikos Greek name Byzantine with the meaning of man of letters or scribe. additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Cherchi is a Sardinian surname that corresponds to the name of a medieval village Kerki, located 5 km southeast of Porto Torres, which probably derives from the Latin nobility Cercius. M. Pittau, Dictionary of Surnames from Sardinia, 1, p. 205. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas CHERCHI: cherchi, cherqui, kerki, kercu, kercos in Logudorese is the cork oak or oak; in Campidano the oak is called su ciuèxu or ciurèxu, while the oak is called su làndiri 'and arròya> orròli (from the Latin robur), in the central dialects. In Latin we have quercus for oak (from cork). Surname common to all of Sardinia. The oak of the rest, is the queen of the Mediterranean scrub, and is the most loved and respected tree by the Sardinians. Its cutting is absolutely prohibited by the forest laws of the island. Its cork is still today a resource of the territory of Sardinia. It should be noted here that there are various inhabited centers and toponyms bearing this name. Cerki (also known as Kerki, or Querqui, Chercos in the ancient maps), a disappeared village, located between Sassari and Portotorres. The villa (bidda) in the medieval period belonged to the Curadorìa of Flumenargia, in the judicial kingdom of Torres. It then passed to the kingdom of Sardinia, then to the kingdom of Arborea and again to the kingdom of Sardinia after 1388. It went to depopulate definitively in the first half of the fifteenth century. Cherchèdu, inhabited settlement, but which then gave rise to the town of Siligo. Cerchìllo (Therchillo or Terquidu), inhabited settlement. The town was definitively depopulated at the end of the XVIIth century (the parish registers dated 1691 attest to: "no tiene habitadores - Di. Sto. Sa of FC Casula), and its territory was incorporated into that of Ittireddu. It remains finally another, Cerchillo, which is the current Berchidda. As surname Cherchi is present in the ancient maps, in different variations. Among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, are: Cerchi (de) Joanne, ville Cerchillo (* Cerchillo ... current Berchidda. Curatoria de Costa de Valls); Cerchido (de) Nicolao, villas Zaramonte (* Zaramonte ... today's Chiaramonte. Contrate de Anglona - Clearly); Cerchilo (de) Margiane, major ville de Dure (Montis Acutes) (* Hard .. destroyed - jump of Bitti (Contrate Montis Acuti - Ozieri); Cercho Petro, jurato Curie villas (* Curie. Destroyed. Contracted Campitani Simagis); Cercos Michael, villas Algueri (Alghero); Cerquillo (de) Bonifacio , majore ville Tinura (* Tinura or Tinnura. Castri Serravallis); Cherqui (de) Ant honio, majore ville Cerchillo; Cherqui (de) Antonio, ville Macumerii; Cherqui (de) Baldofino, ville Culleri (Cuglieri); Cherqui (de) Guantino, jurato ville Alary (* Alary. Today's Alai. Contrate Partis Varicati - Barigadu); Cherqui (de) Gunnario, majore ville Ribechu (* Ribechu.attual Rebecu. Curatorie de Costa de Valls); Cherqui (de) Juliano, jurato ville Sancto Lussurgio (Santulussurgiu); Cherqui (de) Marianus, ville Sasseri); Cherqui (de) Nicolao, Ribeche villas; Cherqui (de) Parisono, ville Macumerii; Cherqui (de) Paulo, jurato Fodrongiani villas (Fordongianus, famous for its thermal baths - the ancient Trajan Forum); Cherqui (de) Petro, jurato villas Alary; Cherqui (de) Petro, jurato Bangios villas (* Bangios.distrutto. Bangius: Contrate Campitani Simagis); Cherqui (de) Petro, ville Anella (* Anella ... the current Anela. Curatorie de Anella); Cherqui (de) Petro, Sorridili villas (* Sorradili.odierno Sorradile. Contrate Partis Varicati - Barigadu); Cherqui (de) Gantino, ville Dualche (Dualchi). Also in the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas 11th, 13th century, several de Kerci or de Kerki or de Cerchi are mentioned. Barusone de Kerci (233): heads in a partition of assets, including homines, that is the servants (in jump of Andronice or Andronike: region between Semestene and Cossoine, towards Pozzomaggiore, in the valley crossed by the rio, which is currently called Andròliga); Kerci Comita (59 -64 - 159 - 162 - 185) son of Iusta Serra etc .; Kerci Furatu (248 - 250); Kerci Gosantine (298 - 299) maiore de scolca (head of the garrison guarding the borders), heads in an exchange of servants; then we have Maria and Nugolesa de Cerki, sisters (176); Saltaro de Cerki (140), sells a Fumosa jump vine (Balles de Fumosa - Curatorìa de Vals - Costavalle); Susanna de Cerki, wife of Petru de Nurci (142): Positinke (donò) Susanna de Cerki, sa muliebre de Petru de Nurci, sa terra de Collectariu, prossa sua sua (for her soul), cun boluntade (with consent) dessu maridu and dessos fiios' and of Iorgi Corsu nce posit II dies (and two days of servitude of Iorgi Corsu); testes (witnesses) Petru Cancel and Petru de Monte. In the Condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, 11th, 13th century, we have: Kerchi (de) Comida (97), in a purchase: I would go to Petru d'Ardu, fiiu de Comida Sepis et d'Elene d'Ardu, to Cpmida de Kerchi et a Goantine on Frate et Elene sa sorre et dilis a 'rresone de XV bisantes inter berbeges et capras et bacca (the bisante was a generally Aurean Byzantine coin - solidus aureus -, in progress, in Sardinia, starting from 534 until the Judicial period, none of the Sardinian language scholars and not even the "Treccani" vocabulary of the Italian language, which also bears the word, has yet to be pronounced on its value. after more careful investigation, to discover its value, as we have already done for the value of the "lira", in the "Carta de Logu"). Currently the surname Cherchi is present in 324 Italian Municipalities, of which 131 in Sardinia: Sassari 402, Cagliari 205, Alghero 185, Pabillonis 98, etc.

"L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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