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Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Baroni - Conti - Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

Variations Last name: Ciccio - Cicciu
Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

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Ciccia has a stock in the Catania area and one in the Genoese, Ciccio, very very rare, it would seem Syracusan, should derive from nicknames. additions provided by Carmelo Ciccia author of "The surnames of Paternò: over 2000 surnames of Sicily and elsewhere" Ciccia. "Francesca" (hypocoristic dialect., Fem. By Cicciu). Centralized in Paternò, where it is one of the typical surnames, this surname is present in 123 communes of 14 Italian regions (more frequently in Sicily, Calabria and Lombardy) and in 12 foreign states (more frequently in Canada, Argentina and the United States States). As far as the municipality of Paternò is concerned, in the White Pages of 2000 there were 78 subscribers with the surname Ciccia and in the Internet site sicilia.indettaglio.it there are 368 people with this surname: numbers not even imaginable in any other place where present the same surname, which makes Paternò the headquarters of the Ciccias. The personal name Francesco / a has produced some abbrev. family members: Cecco / a, Cesco / a, Ciccio / a, Ciccu / a, which in the local languages take on particular variations: eg. in Malta Cikku / a is the name of registry office, like Ciccio / a still in Italy. Then there is a series of altered ones, such as Ceccarello / a, Ciccarello / a, Cicciarello / a, etc. So in Southern Italy. Ciccia is a matronymic (= "son of Francesca") and excludes the meaning of "meat" that the Rohlfs in 1979 had mistakenly hypothesized for Calabria, while in 1983 for Sicily he corrected the error. The explanation Cicciu = "Francesco" is already found in Caglià of 1840 (on page 44), while the explanation Ciccia = "Francesca" is expressly provided by Biundi as far back as 1857 (on page 2 of the appendix to his dictionary) and followed by Rohlfs in 1983, by Ciccia in 1987 (1st edition of this book), by Micciché in 1991 and by Caracausi in 1993. Francesca, in turn, derives from Lat. Francisca or Fràncica = "belonging to the population of the Franks", "originating or coming from France", is due to the devotion to St. Francis (of Assisi and - in Southern Italy - of Paola). Finally, it is worth mentioning Mount Ciccia, near Messina. · Frequency: at Paternò 26th. · Certificate: Ciccia console, unidentified, 1157, and Gualfreduccio Ciccia, guardian captain of Porta Travallii of Siena 10, 1281 (Studio Araldico di Genova); Gherardo Ciccia de 'Lamberti, Siena, 1260 (Giovanni Villani, Nuova Cronica to 1260, VII 77 1). · Family already registered in the Mastra of the noble Patornese families. (Savasta) · Pers .: Carmelo Ciccia, principal, writer and essayist; Nino Franco Ciccia, jurist; the aforementioned Gherardo Ciccia, a Florentine Ghibelline who, as the right arm of Farinata degli Uberti, cooperated in the battle of Montaperti; Antonio Ciccia, from Siderno (RC), in 1707 castellan of the coastal tower; Bonaventura Ciccia, of Gerace (RC), in 1712 provincial father of the conventuals; Alfio Ciccia, from Catania, president of the Paternò school district, lover of archeology and author of school texts; Giosuè Ciccia, from Monasterace (RC), essayist and poet; Matilde Ciccia, from Milan, figure skating champion, RAI-TV presenter and painter; Antonio Ciccia, from Melito di Porto Salvo (RC), a tax lawyer and author of legal texts; Benedetto Ciccia, from Calargius (CA), author of medical-scientific publications; Calogero Ciccia, from Messina, poet.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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