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Cavoto, extremely rare, is typical of the area between Benevento and Foggia, of Montefalcone Di Val Fortore and San Marco Dei Cavoti (BN) in particular, Cavoti is due to transcription errors, Cavuoti is Lucan, Cavuoto is the most widespread both in the Benevento area that in the Foggia area, Gavoto is from the Isernio area. additions provided by Fabio Paolucci from - the surnames of Colle Sannita, (surnames extinct in Colle), soon to be published Tipico di San Marco dei Cavoti and Montefalcone di Val Fortore, Cavoto is a surname linked to the origin of San Marco dei Cavoti, founded by a colony of Provencals who came to serve the Angioinians presumably between 1353 and 1355. The term Cavoti derives from the French Gavots which indicates the inhabitants of Gap, a city of Provence from which the most numerous colony of these ancient founders seems to have come, who chose the name of S. Marco in honor of their patron saint. The Cavotis would descend in this sense from one or more Provençal founders from Gap and settled in the Samnite territory, thus participating in the foundation of San Marco dei Cavoti. Variants of Cavoto are the cognominal forms: Cavoti, very rare, derived from an error in transcription of the original form Cavoto; Cavuoto, widespread in the Benevento area, for which the common origin of the San Marco dei Cavoti strain is presumed, but also present in Puglia in the Bari and Foggiano areas, as well as in Rome, Turin and Milan as a consequence of the migration phenomenon from the South. Cavuoti , typical of Basilicata, more precisely of the Potentino area, of a presumed origin common to the previous ones (but in this case it is not possible to exclude a different origin, as for example from the fusion of two dialect words as capa, with the meaning of head and void, empty in the sense teasing of an empty head, those with an empty head). Gavoto, characteristic of the Molise municipality of Belmonte del Sannio in the province of Isernia, of possible correlation to the San Marino lineage. It is clear, therefore, that the weak presence of the Cavotis in Colle in the past centuries is due to "occasional" births of sanmarchesi in the countryside of Colle or in any case to the presence on the spot of families originating from the nearby municipality of San Marco dei Cavoti. We remind, for information only, that other surnames of San Marco owe their formation to ancient Italianized Provencal terms; I cite the example of two illustrious surnames such as Zuppa, which derives from the word jupòn, or giubba, mantle, and Jelardi, originating from the surname of the three noble feudal brothers Rinaldo, Guglielmo and Giovanni Gaullart, whose surname was then Italianized into Galardus and then , for subsequent corruption, in Jalardus and then Jelardo and Jelardi. additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli According to G. Rohlfs (Historical dictionary of surnames in Lucania, 1985) Cavuoti and Cavuoto are Lucanian surnames present in Accettura, Melfi, Montemilone, Potenza; attested a Cola Cavotus in 1551 in Melfi: means: 'people of Cava de' Tirreni '(province of Salerno).

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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