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Coat of arms of family Campus Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

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Campu and practically unique, Campus, typically Sardinian as the preceding one, derive from the name of the locality containing the term Latin campus (field), as Campus Jovis, Campus Martius and others, or directly from the toponyms come Campo Omu (CA), Villasimius Campus (CA) or the like, if you try this name in Sassari and Oristano end of 1200. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CAMPU; CAMPUS: camp = field; in Latin campus. Campùra, camp = pianeggiante territory, aperto. Iscampiài / re = from covered sky, to serene sky. I am scoring = (the sky) if you are rerouting. It's the campus of his castle, the sky, and the sky. Campeda> centro abitato scomparso; In the mid-nineteenth century appeals to the Barricade Curator, from the Arborea's Jewish kingdom. Campidano, the plain: = the vast plain goes from Cagliari to Oristano, and across the Southern Italian fascia dell'Ostola: by extension and the second of Italy, after the Padana. Field of Vineyards (field of vineyards), Scomparso habitat; They belonged to the Curatorial of Gemini, in the Jewish kingdom of Gallura. Campo Pisano, house, building of Iglesias. Campu de Locu, also called Campulongu: abitato scomparso; In the mid-nineteenth century, he was apprehended by the Curadorìa de Costavalle, in the Jewish kingdom of Torres. The inhabited center, villa and small town in the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, XIII, sec. Campu Giavesu, scattered habitat, and whose remains are in Giave. Campu; Campulongu; Majori field etc. There are so many residential centers and toponyms that lead you to the "field" radice. Quindi, the origin of the cognome, diffused, old age, in Sardinia, does not find it much more likely. And present, nutritiously, in the old maps. Among the signers of Pace di Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, we find: Campo (de) Fidirico - ville Terrenove (Olbia); Campo (de) Gantino, curé of Sacargia; Campo (de) Guantino, ville Macumerii; Campo (de) Guantino, Sancto Lussurgio town; Campo (de) Guiglielmo, Macumerii and Curatorie de Marghine de Gociano ...; Field (of) Joannes, Sasseri town; Field (of) Leonardo, Zaramonte Town (Ciaramonti); Field (of) Leori, Majore ville Simagis de Josso; Field (of) Parasonus, Sasseri town; Field (of) Paulo, ville Macumerii; Field (of) Petro, majore ville Gulcei. * Gulcei.odierno Bultei. Get in touch with Anglona; Field (of) Petro, town Setini (Odierno Sedini); Field (of) Petrus, Sasseri town; Field (of) Puço, Majore ville Mumutata. * Mumutata ... the Mamoiada eerie. Barbagie Ollolai and Curatorie de Austis; Field (de) Simplighi - ville Terrenove et Fundi Montis (Olbia); Field (of) Drogodorio - by Castri Januensis (Castelsardo); Campo (de) Hlierio - by Castri Januensis.Campo (de) Leonardo - by Castri Januensis; Campo (de) Nicolao - de Bosa; Field (of) Petro - by Castri Januensis. Field (of) Anthonio, Sworn Bitiri. * Bitiri ... distant village: from Meylogu. Get in touch with Ardar et Meylogu; Campu (de) Comita, jurato ville Pardu; Campu (de) Comita, ville Mahara (Villamar); Campu (de) Duranti, ville Gonnos de Tramacia; Campu (de) Gilitto, majore ville Nurgillo; Norghiddo ... odierno Norbello. Contract Partis de Guilcier; Campu (de) Joanne, ville Septem Fontanis. Septem Fontanis.distrutto: Seven Sources - I conti di Siete Fuentes prostevano titulo sottotto il governo español. Castri Montis de Verro; Campu (de) Michele, sworn city Sia Sancte Lucie. In the Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, CSNT, XI, thirteenth century, so many people have the name Campu or the best of Campu or Campo; Among which we wrote: Comita, Dorgotori, Gitillasu, Gunnari Ioanne, Ythoccor, Mariane, Petru, etc. Citiamo Ythoccor de Campu or de Campu: Mayor of Scolca (commander of the guard of confine) in Balles and de facto curator (general administrator) in a Crown of Rennu (court), presided over by Ythoccor de Laccon. In the Counts of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, XI, XIIIth century we find: From Campeda Petru (88), I test a donation of services; Campu (de) Furatu (60); Campu (de) Terico, buiakesu, teste in a donation. In the Counts of San Pietro di Silki, CSPS, XI, XIIIth century, we have: Field (of) Commitment (110), testes of services (teste in a lite for the partition of the servitude). Nell'opera del Fara, "From Rebus Sardois, III and IV present sleep: Campo Ioannes: anno 1426 2, Idus Martii, Ioannes de Campo Ordinario fratram Carmelitarum, magister in theology, episcopus Usellensis creatus sedit annos 5 et obiit; Campus Fregosus Ludovicus (180/11), Campus Fregosus Pirrinus, (192/7). Currently, the last name is Campu and present in one single Italian municipality: Narcao in Sardinia, with a family nucleus: Campus and present in 270 Common Italy, of which 111 in Sardinia: Sassari 369, Quartu SE 232, Cagliari 124, Macomer 84, (Narcao 14). Etc.

"L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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