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Origen del apellido Peper, país de origen: France - Germany - Danemark

Nobleza: Nobles - Lords
Variaciones apellido: Peperlow - Pepper
Rastro heráldico de la familia: Peper
Variaciones apellido: Peperlow - Pepper
Corona de la nobleza Peper
Ancient and Noble family from Brittany, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries, with several branches in Germany and Danemark. Moreover, this family, in all ages, always stood out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal and ecclesiastical professions and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: Riall, knight, flourishing in 1210; Alain Bourigan who married Alix de la Lande, lady of honour of Marie de Bretagne; Jean, lord of Orvault; Alain, lord of Boisorcant. The family can also... Continuará
boast: four knights of the Order, from 1570 to 1611; a captain of 50 men-at-arms in 1598; a gentleman of the chamber in 1605; a page of the King in 1718. The branch established in Denmark changed its surname in Peperlow. The family was declared noble of Denmark on 11 May 1686 and confirmed in its nobility in 1742. The branch flourished in Germany stood out in the exercise of the legal professions. Many of its members graduated in law and exercised the notary: Karl, landowner and jurist in the land of Baden-Württemberg, flourishing in 1593; Hans, jurist, flourishing in 1602; Friedrich, jurist landowner in the land of Baden-Württemberg, flourishing in 1613; Thomas, notary in Ravensburg, flourishing in 1626; Bocardus, jurist, flourishing in Ravensburg, in 1642; Barth, jurist, flourishing in Stuttgart in 1654; Friedrich, notary, flourishing in 1662; Lienhard, doctor of law, flourishing in Stuttgart, in 1677; Brugge, jurist in Stuttgart, flourishing in 1714; Albert, jurist in Stuttgart, flourishing in 1718; Gerard, jurist, flourishing in Tübingen, in 1723. Family names so old, without any doubt honour not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.

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Escudo de la familia: Peper
Variaciones apellido: Peperlow - Pepper

Escudo de la familia Pepper

1 Blasòn de la familia Pepper

Quarterly, 1. party per pale argent and azure, a lion counterchanged holding a sword azure; 2. and 3. party per fesse argent on a wall embattled gules masoned sable; 4. party per pale azure and argent, a lion counterchanged holding a sword argent. Over all or, a pepper plant proper. Helmet crowned. Crest: two halberds with three flags, a. and c. argent with a cross gules, b. sable with a cross gules.

Blazon of family Peperlow also known as Pepper or Peper. Sources: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome II L-Z" page 409; "Archivio Storico" of Heraldrys Institute of Rome.

Escudo de la familia Peper

2 Blasòn de la familia Peper

Or, a man dressed gules and sable holding with the dexter hand a helmet proper. Crest: a lion proper holding a helmet of the same.

Blazon of family Peper. Source: "Archivio Storico" of Heraldrys Institute of Rome.

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