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Freeman (England - East Anglia) NoblesFreemann (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFrees (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFreeß (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFreese (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFreeße (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFreesen (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFreeßen (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - RitterFREGA (Italia) Marchesi - NobiliFreganeschi (Italia) Nobili Fregavalli (Italia) Nobili

Origine del cognome Freeman, provenienza: England

Nobiltà: Nobles
Traccia araldica della famiglia: Freeman
Ordina adesso il Tuo Documento Araldico
Corona nobiliare Freeman
The name 'Freeman' originates from England. It is a variant of the 'Free' which was a nickname or term of status from the Old English word 'freo' meaning free (-born), i.e not a serf. Compiled information from Historical and Private archive's has confirmed that the surname 'Freeman' and or it's variant's, dates as far back as the 13th century were a 'John le Freman', from Hunts, England, is recorded on the Hundred Rolls in 1273. The exact period of settlement in North America has not been definately determined but Information extracted from Public and Civil registry archive's confirm that one of the first settlers was a certain 'Edmund Freeman', born in 1590, thought to have been of a Devonshire family, sailed aboard the ship named the 'Abigail' from the Port of London, England, in 1635 and settled at Lynn, Massachussetts, moving on a few years later to the town now ...
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Stemma della famiglia: Freeman

Ordina adesso il Tuo Stemma Nobiliare
Stemma  della famiglia Freeman

1 Blasone della famiglia Freeman

Blazon of Freeman's family; sources: Irish Names and Surnames by Rev.Patrick Woulfe. -Emigrants from England to the American Colonies 1773-1776 by Peter Wilson Coldham. - Burke's American Families the genological publishing company. - A Dictionary of Surnames by Hanks and Hodges.

Gules, a cross between twelve crosses crosslets or.

Stemma  della famiglia Freeman

2 Blasone della famiglia Freeman

Blason de la famille Freeman de Grande-Bretagne - Ex-Libris de Thomas Edward F. Esgr. Source: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée".

Écartelé aux 1 et 4 d'azur à trois losanges d'or accolés en fasce aux 2 et 3 taillé d'hermine sur contre-hermine au lion d'argent brochant sur le taillé Cimier un lynx au naturel tenant entre ses pattes une losange d'or.

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