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Herkunft des Familiennamens Elorrieta, Herkunftsland: Spain

Adelsstand: Nobles
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Elorrieta
Krone des Adels Elorrieta There were three branches of this noble House in Vizcaya: one in the town of Galdacano, another in Merindad de Uribe, both of the judicial district of Durango, and another in Derio, in the district of Bilbao. This family, in all ages, always stands out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal and ecclesiastical professions and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: Jorge, militiaman, present at the Battle of St. Quentin; Leon, doctor of laws, flourishing in Galdacano, in 1578; José Antonio, landowner in Vizcaya, flourishing in 1604; Francisco, doctor of laws, flourishing in Bilbao, in 1623; Martin, who served the King of Spain during the revolt of Masaniello in 1647; D. Alejandro, canon and apostolic commissioner, flourishing in 1698. From the analysis of colours and symbols of the coat of arms we... Fortsetzung folgt
can have more information about the family virtues. The gold tincture ("or) is symbol of the Sun, the origin of life and its spiritual characteristics correspond to faith, clemency, temperance, charity and justice. In addition it refers to the idea of love, happiness and glory, as it is the noblest of metals. The dog is symbol of loyalty, courage and vigilance; the presence of the tree (oak, pine, cypress) means that the nobility of the family is ancient and it is associated with the benignity and perseverance; the silver tincture (argent) symbolizes purity, tenderness, temperance, mercy, kindness, the desire to win and the talent of eloquence; the bezant, an old coin, is symbol of justice and wealth; the colour azure symbolizes water, the continuity of life, it is a color of nobility, beauty, chastity and fidelity. Family names so old, without any doubt honor not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.

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Familien-Wappen: Elorrieta

Familien-Wappen Elorrieta

1 Blasonierung die Familie Elorrieta

Or, a dog white collared gules, attached with a chain argent to the trunk of a tree vert; bordure argent, bezanty of twelve azure.

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