1. Herkunft des FamiliennamensLi Destri Nicosia, Herkunftsland: Italia

    Adelsstand: Knights - Nobles - Barons - Marquises
    Heraldische Spur die Familie:Li Destri Nicosia
    Krone des Adels Li Destri Nicosia
    Very noble Sicilian family, result of the union of two illustrious Sicilian families: the Li Destri and the Nicosia. The Li Destri family would originated in Spain. An Antonio Li Destri, with privilege of May 15, 1602, obtained the title of "Royal Knight" and the recognition of the coats of arms. A Francesco was "proconservatore" in Ganci, Sicilian town known as Gangi, in the year 1732; an Antonino had the fiefs of Equila Verde, Montagna di Neglia, Ficuzza, Grotte di Famusa, San Todaro and Montagna del Corvo and Rainò, on which obtained the title of Baron with investiture April 27, 1776; a Michelangelo, from Ganci, obtained with the privilege of August 31, 1791, the title of Baron of Partisina; the Baron Francesco-Antonio was Captain of Justice of Calascibetta, in the 1812-13 biennium. By ministerial decree of April 2, 1899, Antonio Li Destri, of Salvatore, of Antonio, obtained recognition of the... Fortsetzung folgt

    titles of knight,Baron of Rainò and Baron of Equila Verde,Montagna di Nelia,Ficuzza,Grotte di Fanusa,San Todaro and Montagna del Corvo.The Nicosia family flourished in the homonymous city,from which took its name.It was,however,ascribed to the noble coaming of the city of Catania.A Garzia,one of the conspirators in the Sicilian Vespers,favored King Peter of Aragon,from which he obtained the office of Mayor Secretary of the viceroy of Sicily;a Luca was captain executioner of Nicosia in 1477 and founder of a family branch in that city;Antonino was the captain executioner in 1573 and was invested of the barony of San Giaime and del Pozzo;Giovan Battista was the Judge of the High Criminal Court of the Kingdom in the years 1679-80-81;a Giovan Calogero,with privilege of March 17,1701,obtained the title of of Baron of St.Nicolò or Fegotto and he himself was "proconservatore" in Nicosia in the years 1715 and 1722;a Casimiro was judge of the Consistory in 1710,of the Grand Criminal Court in the years 1713-14-15 and he was admitted to the noble coaming of Catania;a Martino was judge of the High Court in the years 1720-21-22,1736 and acquired the title of Marquis of Federici,on which obtained investiture on November 3,1738;the Baron Vincent,Doctor of both laws,was civil judge of Nicosia in 1742-43;a Nicolò was sworn of Nicosia in 1745-46 and captain of Justice in that city in 1766-67;a Giuseppe Nicosia and Parisi,Baron of San Giaime,was "proconservatore" in that town in 1786-1800;a Baron Giovanni Calogero was captain of Justice in 1782-83.Around 1850,flourished the Baron Antonino Nicosia.By Ministerial Decree of 4 May 1900 Mr.of Vincenzo Nicosia,of Giuseppe,of Vincenzo,obtained recognition of the titles of Baron of San Giaime and Pozzo and Baron of Ficilino and Montserrat.Among the current members of the family Li Destri Nicosia,we remember,finally:Federica Li Destri Nicosia and Guglielmo Li Destri Nicosia,both living in Catania.Family names so old,without any doubt honour not only families but also the cities that welcomed them;seems to be,in fact,very worthy the living members of this family which,with much decorum,carry this noble surname,which has had several illustrious members.

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    Familien-Wappen: Li Destri Nicosia

    Familien-Wappen Li Destri

    1 Blasonierung die FamilieLi Destri

    Gules,an arm in armour argent,hand proper,holding three ears of wheat or.

    Cited in "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI" Vol.IV page.115.

    Familien-Wappen Nicosia

    2 Blasonierung die FamilieNicosia

    Gules,a fesse or between a cross argent in chief,and a fleur-de-lys or in base.

    Nicosia of Sicily.Cited in "Blasone In Sicilia ossia Raccolta Araldica" V.Palizzolo Gravina,Palermo 1871-75,page 282.

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