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Herkunft des Familiennamens Nassani, Herkunftsland: Italia

Adelsstand: Nobles - Barons
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Nassani
Krone des Adels Nassani
Ancient and noble Ligurian family, with residence in the city of Genoa, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has spread, over the centuries, in different Italian regions and worldwide. The clear nobility of the family is confirmed by its presence in the valuable Stemmario of Andrea Musso. Moreover, this family, in all ages, always stands out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal and ecclesiastical professions and in the military service. Among these, without undervalue the omitted, we would like to mention: P. Alessandro, of the Order of the Minor Reformed, flourishing... Fortsetzung folgt
in 1543; Agostino, jurist, living in Genoa, in 1583; Nicola, notary in Genoa, flourishing in 1608; Giovanni Federico, doctor in "utroque jure", living in Genoa, in 1631; Giacomo, soldier by profession, flourishing in Genoa, in 1656; Gio. Batta, counselor in Genoa, flourishing in 1707; Luigi Maria, collector of royal tribute; Alessandro, Doctor in both one and the other law; Martino, soldier by profession. Other family. Noble House of Brescia, signatory of the pact of union with Venice in 1426, to which belonged Pandolfo, attentive and severe chronicler of his time, flourishing in the sixteenth century. A Baldassare, however, Visconti partisan, was beheaded on August 8, 1440. Other family. Noble Sicilian family, of French origin, of the same lineage of the Visconti of Ari, which had been noble in Messina, from the eleventh century to the sixteenth century, with the baronial title. A Francis N. and Bonfiglio, Baron, was enrolled in the noble "Mastra" of Mollica, in the year 1599. Family names so old, without any doubt, honor not only families but also the city that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious persons.

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Familien-Wappen: Nassani

Familien-Wappen Nassari, Nasari o Nassani

1 Blasonierung die Familie Nassari, Nasari o Nassani

Argent, a serpent gliding in pale azure, illuminated and langued gules, crowned or.

Familien-Wappen Nassini o Nassani

2 Blasonierung die Familie Nassini o Nassani

Argent, a lion or holding a mace of the same.

Familien-Wappen Nassari, Nasari o Nassani

3 Blasonierung die Familie Nassari, Nasari o Nassani

Azure, two chevrons, vert and argent, in point a fleur-de-lys or, on a chief gules two fleur-de-lys or.

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