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Herkunft des Familiennamens Fernández De Terán, Herkunftsland: Spain

Adelsstand: Knights - Lords
Heraldische Spur die Familie: Fernández De Terán
Krone des Adels Fernández De Terán
Ancient and noble Spanish family, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. According to what has been handed down by Don Pedro de Salazar y Mendoza, Luis de Salazar y Castro, Argote de Molina, Juan Alonso de Guerra and others, this surname has been present since the invasion of the Saracen, belonging to a very noble lineage that favored the election and oath of King Don Pelayo. At that time, there is memory of Toribio Fernández De Terán, head of three hundred knights. This valiant captain was the founder of the Knights who founded their solar house in the kingdom of Asturias, giving rise to different branches of the family. But there are also authors who claim that the surname F. originates from the kingdom of Sobrarbe, for having been found at the election and swearing of King Don Garci Jimenez a knight named Fernan... Fortsetzung folgt
or Ferdinand; others opt for a more modern origin, and believe that the family descends from King Don Fernando of Aragon. However, all agree on the antiquity of the family and that its first residence was near Covadonga, there carried by a brave knight named Hernan Fernández De Terán, flourished at the time of King Rodrigo, who distinguished himself in the battle of Guadalete. In more recent times we remember a Gonzalo Fernández De Terán (Madrid, September 23, 1844 - Madrid, March 31, 1912), General of the Division and Supreme Councillor of War and of the Navy. He was the husband of Manuela Ordóñez y Ortega, father of Carmen Fernández de Terán y Ordoñez and Rosalía Fernández de Terán y Ordoñez and brother of Olimpia Fernández de Terán y Pozas. From the analysis of colours and symbols of the coat of arms we can have more information about the family virtues. Gold ("or"), the most noble metal, symbolizes generosity and elevation of the mind; a field fretty is composed of bendlets and bendlets-sinister or "scarps", interleaved over one another to give the impression of a trellis; the tincture red (gules) is symbol of strength, power, fervent love for God and neighbour; a saltire, also called Saint Andrew's Cross, is a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross, like the shape of the letter X in Roman type. It is the great symbol of the Christian light manifested. Family names so old, without any doubt honour not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.
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Familien-Wappen: Fernández De Terán

Familien-Wappen Fernàndez de Teràn

1 Blasonierung die Familie Fernàndez de Teràn

Or, fretty gules, on a bordure of the same, eight saltire, or.

Source: "Repertorio de blasones de la comunidad hispánica - letras D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-LL Vicente De Cadenas y Vicent Instituto Salazar y Castro".

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