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Origin of last name Lepri, country of origin: Italia

Nobility: Marquis - Nobles - Patricians
Last Name variations: De Leporibus
Heraldic trace of family: Lepri
Last Name variations: De Leporibus
Nobility crown Lepri
Ancient and noble family from Milan, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. Firstly the House moved to L'Aquila, to whose aristocracy was ascribed, and then, at the end of the XVII century, to Rome. The family received the title Marquis by Clement XIII, in the person of Carlo-Ambrogio Lepri. Pius VI, by a promissory note of February 1789, gave to the Marquis Giuseppe Ambrogio the title of Marquis of Rota. The Roman aristocracy was obtained by the family on April 23, 1843, in the person of Alessandro, whose son Giovanni married Giovanna of the Marquis patricians Naro Montoro. He was his son Charles, who married Maddalena Monaco Valletta. The House is also related to other noble families such as the Pallavicini, the Bisleti, the Cavalletti and the Curti. The clear nobility of the House is confirmed by the presence of its blazon in the... To be continued
valuable work "Il Dizionario storico-blasonico delle famiglie nobili e notabili italiane, estinte e fiorenti" of the Italian writer and heraldist Giovan Battista di Crollalanza (19 May 1819 – 8 March 1892), published in Pisa in three volumes between 1886 and 1890. From the analysis of colors and elements of the coat of arms we can have some information about the family virtues. The color azure symbolizes water, the continuity of life, it is a color of nobility, beauty, chastity and fidelity; the hare is symbol of one who enjoys a peaceable and retired life; the eagle, that frequently appears Sable (colored black), symbolizes immortality, courage, farsightedness and strength. It is considered to be the king of the air and the messenger of the highest Gods. Family names so old, without any doubt honor not only families but also the cities that welcomed them; seems to be, in fact, very worthy the living members of this family which, with much decorum, carry this noble surname, which has had several illustrious members.

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Coat of Arms of family: Lepri
Last Name variations: De Leporibus

Coat of Arms of family Lepri

1 Blazon of family Lepri

Azure, a hare courant contournè proper, surmounted by an eagle displayed sable, crowned or.

Lepri or De Leporibus from Rome; titles: Marquis; Marquis of Rota; Patrician of Rome; Nobles of Rome. Cited in "Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana di V. SPRETI", Vol. IV page 104.

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