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Noble consultancy

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With a heraldic research carried out by Heraldrys Institute of Rome I am able to provide advice for:

  • Attribution of a noble title.
  • Recognition of existing noble titles.
  • Documentation to be sent to law firms, in order to instruct the practice of an Award at the International Arbitration Tribunal.
  • Orders of Knighthood and Brotherhoods.
  • Certifications and merit of Bodies, Academies and Churches that confirm / recognize the noble title.
  • Award ceremonies and heraldic chivalric conferences.

Dr. Paolo Di Giovine
Principe di Roccaromana, of Gelib with F. H. and Duke of Salbertrand,
Grand Master of the Supreme Order of Archangel Michael - Humanitarian Aid,
Consul General in Rome of the Merovingian Royal House, Rome General Delegate of the Royal House of Skiikal (Somalia)
Heraldic Senator of Heraldrys Institute of Rome

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