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Last Name: Imfeld

Dossier: 882998
Language of the text: English
Nobility: Nobles - Knights
Nobles in:Germany - France - Switzerland
Variations Last Name: Imfeldt

Heraldic and genealogical preview of family :
Variations Last Name: Imfeldt

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Nobility crown ImfeldAncient and noble German family, of clear and ancestral virtue, known as Imfeld or Imfeldt, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries, with main branches in Alsace and in the canton of Obwalden and in canton of Schwyz. According to what has been handed down, this family, as a reward for valuable services rendered to Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, was admitted to the "Briefadel" (lit. "letter of nobility"), the so-called new nobility as opposed to "Uradel", a term coined only in modern times, in reference to noble families whose ancestral lineage can be traced back to before the Middle Ages. Moreover, this family, in all ages, always stood out, thanks to the prominent figures, which gave birth, in the public service, in the liberal professions and in the military service. From our archives: Friedrich, captain of arms, flourishing in 1478; Jorg, landowner, flourishing in 1512; Hans Peter, general of ...
To be continued

Blazon Imfeld
Variations Last Name: Imfeldt

Coat of arms of family Imfeldt

1° Coat of arms of family Imfeldt
Language of the text: English

Quarterly; 1° and 4° sable, a garbe, or; 2° and 3° gules, a crane holding a stone in the dexter foot, argent. Crest: a garbe, or, on two wings conjoined party per fesse, sinister argent and gules, dexter or and sable. Lambrequin: dexter or and sable, sinister argent and gules.

Coat of arms of family Imfeld or Imfeldt in Germany; sources: "Armorial Général par J.B.Rietstap - Deuxième èdition refondue et augmentée - Tome I A-K" page 1018; "Johann Siebmachers allgemeines großes und vollständiges Wappenbuch, 4. Teil, 9. Ausgabe, Nürnberg 1772, 99".

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Coat of arms of family Imfeld

2° Coat of arms of family Imfeld
Language of the text: English

Gules, a tau, argent on a a moon increscent figured, or, surmounted by a star, between two fleur-de-lys of the same.

Coat of arms of family Imfeld in Sungdau (Haute-Alsace); source: painting in the guard room of ban in Thann.

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Coat of arms of family Imfeld

3° Coat of arms of family Imfeld
Language of the text: English

Gules, a tau or T, argent, between two stars of six point, one in base and one in chief, and two fleur-de-lys, or. Crest: the tau or T.

Coat of arms of abbot Nicolaus Imfeld in Einsiedelen. Source: "Johann Siebmachers allgemeines großes und vollständiges Wappenbuch, 1tes Supplement, Nürnberg [1753], 26". Notice: tinctures and metals have been reconstructed by the author.

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