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The origin clearly dates back to the name Adam (from the Hebrew adam = man), the first man for the Christian and Jewish churches. Adam initially used as a proper name ended up becoming the surname of his descendants, perhaps through hypocoristic or dialectal modifications. Adam, very very rare, has a small stock from Trieste, Adama is almost unique, Adami is very widespread in the centronord, Adamini has a stock in the Brescia area and one in the Viterbo area. and Vizzini in the Catania area, of Patti and Montagnareale in the Messina area, of Leonforte nell'ennese, of Lentini in the Syracuse area and of Partinico in the Palermo area, Adamolli, is unique and is probably due to transcription errors of Adamoli, which has a lineage nelnord of Lombardy and one in the Veronese, Adamu is specific to Cagliari, Adamucci is unique, Adamuccio is specific to Lecce, the Adamic variant, Adamich is particularly present in the far north-east and betrays the Slovenian or Croatian origin, for that termination -ic, - ich which are the son of (Adam), De Adamich, practically unique is an Italian patronymic form which would therefore indicate the forefather as a nephew of Adam. A stock of the Adami family, which was originally from Murazzano (CN) and in 1781, with the title of count, owned the fief of Cavagliano also in the Cuneo area, still owns a house in Murazzano. A prominent figure was Andrea De Adamich born in Trieste in 1941, a former racing driver and journalist.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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