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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Amoni


Amone is almost unique, Amoni, extremely rare, it would seem typical of central Italy, it derives from modifications of the medieval name Aimone derived from the Longobard name Haimon, of this name we have an example in the year 768 in a Charta Convenientae: "... Placuit igitur adque bona bolontate conuenit inter Aimone, castle dweller Ueterbo, nec non et presbyter monachus Sancti Salbatoris de terris cultis et incultis .... ", an example of this modification is found in the Orlandine by Teofilo Folengo (1491-1544):" ... It tells the great journey to the sea Euxino, / where he found his brother Asma, / escaping from the son of Pepin, / conduit had of armies a great drape, ... ". additions provided by Daniele Amoni, historian and cultural anthropologist Amoni: "Ancient family of Norman origin. It is established in the Kingdom of Naples since 1135 in the person of a Lanfranco, militia leader under King Roger II. The Amoni from time remote have it belonged to the nobility of Sorrento at the Seggio di Porta. A branch was transplanted in Sulmona, a branch in the Perugia area, they owned the fief of Tricarico. In 1460 Giulio was Captain of Sulmona. Several were eminent prelates ". (GB Di Crollalanza) Francesco Bonazzi, in the Neapolitan Noble and Titular Family work, describes this family: "Patricia of the city of Sorrento of the Seat of Porta, ancient feudatory, received in the order of Malta in 1751, recognized as admissible in the RR. Bodyguards, and ascribed to the King. Aimone d'Aarienzo (de Argentia): Norman armsman of the family of the counts of Acerra who, at the time of Richard I, prince of Capua, was already considerably consolidated in the countryside. aversano, is remembered for the first time in a deed of August 28, 1097: the mother, with her consent, had made a donation to the monastery of S. Lorenzo of Aversa, obtaining the confirmation of the prince capuano, lord of Castel Cicala, he married Sica, daughter of the Count of Pozzuoli, belonging to the Neapolitan aristocracy, in 1116 he signed a diploma from Prince Roberto in favor of the monastery of S. Lorenzo d'Aversa, and in 1121 he is still one of the most trustworthy Capuani barons, following Giordano II °, attending and signing a donation from the prince to the bishop of Aversa, Roberto. Perhaps after the death of the prince he had to separate his fate from that of Capua; in fact, during the conflict that broke out between Roberto di Capua and Ruggero, he remained on the latter's side, and when in 1135 Ruggero received the submission of the capuana aristocracy he was sent to the city as administrator of justice together with the archbishop. In May 1143 he made a donation to the priest Mairano and a few months later (in November 1143) he participated in the curia of the king in Salerno. Amoni di Sulmona: "Errico Amone, (year 1307), son of Cavalier Giacomo Amone of Solmona, was very close to Carlo II ° King of Naples for his excellent qualities, and for the faith he had preserved for him, and for the services provided to the Real Corona: the Sovereign therefore in a diploma the honorary with the title of Regio Milite, and reduces in burgensatico one of this mill in flumine ubi dicitur carbonaria for which he paid an annual census of tomola twenty of victuals "(Diploma Caroli II Reg. Neap 1301 ex Regest in MC lit. A fol. 84). "Gio. Battista Amone (year 1546), he was celebrated in the Jurisprudence reason why the Prince D. Filippo Lanoja Captain General of SM the Emperor Charles V created him his General Auditor, and Judge of the entire Imperial Army; all the faculties ad modum belli, and other privileges, which I read in the sent Patent. In it we read even established there for those times not a small commission of thirty scudi per month. Of this Noble subject ignored the most precise news: we only know there was a son Placido D'Amone who sang with Giovannella Carafa daughter of D. Diomede Carafa German brother of the Pope Paul IV as we will say below. "Lorenzo Amone (year 1553), sibling of the over-aged Gio. Battista. After waiting at the study of the Human Letters, everything was applied to that of the Weapons: he served the Emperor Charles V as Cavalry Captain, from which with Imperial Diploma he was allowed to use in his family's coat of arms the Imperial Eagle. Therefore, however, this is observed in the Enterprise of the referred Casato ". The branch of Gualdo Tadino documented since 1580 still flourishes with Dr. Daniele Amoni, historian and cultural anthropologist.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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