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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Andria


Andria is typical of the Salerno area, with a stock also in the Valentina and Sardinia, the continental stocks should derive from the toponym Andria in the Bari area, but a derivation from the Greek name Andros is also possible. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ANDRIA: in Sardinian it means Andrea and is the name of the Holy Apostle, Peter's younger brother: born in Galilee in Bethsaida in the 6th. C. crucified and martyred on 30 November 60 d. C. in Patras in Greece. His Hebrew name of origin does not appear. The Greeks called him Andrea (Ανδρέας), whose meaning is a strong, vigorous man. He is revered throughout the Christian world and exceptionally in Sardinia (Sant'Andrìa). To him the Sardinians have dedicated many churches, rural and parochial. The oldest is undoubtedly the rural church of Sant'Andrea di Torralba, of early Christian origins, probably built between the 7th and 8th centuries. It was still consecrated in the 19th century. Some villages carry, since the early medieval period, the name of the holy apostle; among these we mention Sant'Andrea Frius (Sant'Andrìa for the Sardinians) of the province of Cagliari; 1892 inhabitants (santandriesi). Andria is very common as a name, but as a surname it is rare. Even the month of November is called, in many parts of Sardinia (Bitti, Nuoro, Dorgàli, Fonni, Macomer, Bonarcado, Milis, Laconi, etc.) as well as Onnyassantu, the month of Sant'Andrìa. In the ancient maps we find it as a name, but among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, * LPDE of 1388, is a certain Andrèe Guillermus, ville Algueri (Alghero). In the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas, * CSNT, 11th, 13th century we find Andrìa in several chapters, only as a name (208, 121, 166, 184, 173, 130, etc.). Currently the surname Andria is present in 55 Italian Municipalities, of which 18 in Sardinia (with the pronunciation Andrìa, to indicate the descent or origin): Sassari 24, Cagliari 11, Muravera 8, Uras 8, Seneghe 8, Iglesias 8, etc . In Campania it is present in 11 Municipalities with Giffoni 86, Naples 15, etc. We do not know, however, whether in that region the pronunciation is Andrìa or Andria: in the latter case meaning and estimate are completely different from those identified for the former.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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