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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Bovoni


The ox has highlighted a ceppi, nel veronese 'march from Verona, illast out of the Badia Calavena, a Ferrara, Bologna e Luzzara nel reggiano, to depart from Rome ed a Sgurgola nel Frusinates, e nel salernitano from the Battipaglia, Acerno out of Pontecagnano Faiano, Bovo e tipicamente he flung a, ma presente ceppi anche a Torino, Alessandria, Cossato nel Biellese ed a Genova, comments Syndicate content e in a specific dell'alessandrino, di Alessandria, Tortona, Novi Ligure out of the Pozzolo Formigaro, comments Syndicate content e praticamente's only Son, dovrebbero tutti, shift the dal nome inedioevale Bovo, Bovonis, di cui abbiamo in a brief investiture net Pavese example of a de uso del 1152: "on Sunday Sesto the first of June, instead of the New Castle. in the presence of good men, their names are read invested Los Angeles, the son of Iohannisboni Mazaboe with the wood and bergamena in his hand he held a, oxen, son of the late Arderici, nominative of the fee by way of the sediment: one sense, that is not his good side to what lies beneath him in the place and the bottom of the said burgh, and it is by means of the measure of the New Castle of m just one pole, it is bounded by the early Ariald and Bovonis brothers from the south and from the late ... "Oh dal nome cows, oh document cited nello stesso di cui abbiamo Also in one example of a refutation Carta dell'anno 1143 from New York "... presents good people whose names are read by the wood and paper, which he held in his hand, cows, son of the late Ariprandus advocates, the city of Milan, who refused heritage of his father, and rejection of the end of the hand, Peter called Brull, the above state of ... "in potrebbero Some cases come to divert to give toponimi San Bovium net Milanese, San Bovo net cuneese oh Bovo net veronese.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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