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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Bufalini


Bufaino, almost unique, would seem to be from the Cosenza area, Bufali is specific to Perugia and Perugia, Bufalini seems specific to the area that includes Marche, Umbria and Tuscany, Bufalino, quite rare, would seem to have originated from the Syracuse area, with possible strains probably secondary in the Cosenza area, Bufalo has various stocks, one very small in Fano in the Pesaro area, one in San Severo in the Foggia area and one in Brindisi, a very small one in Dinami and Acquaro in the Vibo area and one in Lucca Sicula in the Agrigento area and in Palermo and Palazzo Adrano in the Palermo area, Bufaloni , absolutely rare, it would seem Umbrian, of Terni and of the Perugino, they should all derive, both directly and through hypochoristic or accretive, from the medieval name Bufalus of which we have example in the 1300s with Bufalus de Cancellariis buried in 1404 in ecclesia in the plateau Columnae in Rome. We find traces of this surname in Città di Castello (PG) in the 14th century with the lord of Niccolò di Manno Bufalini; famous was the architect Francesco Antonio Bufalini (1670-1716) who worked both in Rome and in Urbino. additions provided by Vincenza Magi a legend about the Bufalini family of San Giustino (PG), says that a knight in the service of the emperor named Paolo di Riccomanno during a hunting tournament would kill a hoax and take his head as an emblem of his family from this the nickname Bufalino. The Bufalinis were lords of San Giustino where their palace, built by them in 1492, can be visited, complete with an Italian garden with the labyrinth still intact. The best known family figures are: Cardinal Giovanni Ottavio, Ortensia mother of the famous Cardinal Mazzarino and the poet Francesca Turina. The family is extinct, the emblem is a buffalo head with a black nose ring, I believe in a golden field.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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