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Cruccas and specific dell'iglesiente, Perdaxius, Churches and Tratalias, Curcas, absolutely strange, and Carbonia, dovrebbero derive from metatesi from toponyms come Curcuris nell'oristanese. Integrations provided by Giuseppe Concas CRUCCAS; CURCES: meaningless and uncertain. Second, the studious Giovanni Spano derives from the Phoenician voice CUR = city. Ma potrebbe means croce and whatever derives from Latin crux. As far as Potrebbe is the Sardinian variant of Croce, diffused in 906 Italian Communes. Do not excuse me Curcas or Crucca or Curcaso is also the name of a former abitated center, now abandoned, of Roman origin. In the mid-nineteenth-century period, he was the curator of Flumenargia, in the Jewish kingdom of Torres. Dal 1238 was part of the possessions of Doria. At the beginning of 1300 he went spopolandosi verso the half of the century was definitely abandoned. It is frequent, as it is known, negli old documents of the Sardinian language and always preceded by "from", and indicate the origin. Among the signatories of Pace di Eleonora, LPDE of 1388, figurano: Curcas (de) Comita, ville Desilo (* Desilo.odierno Desulo. Mandrolisay or Barbagia di Belvì); Curas (de) Creyndeu, mayor (administrator, mayor) ville Bilbì (* Bilbì.odierno Belvì. Mandrolisay or Barbagia de Belvì); Curcas (de) Gasparro, sworn v. Solgono (* Solgono.odierno Sorgono. Mandrolisay e Barbagia di Belvì); Curcas (de) Joanne, jury of Bilbì; Curcas (de) Nicolao, jurato ville Seercela (* Seercela.distrutto. Sarcela - Serzele. Partis de Montibus); Curve (de) Simeone, Sworn Jury Masudas (Masullas - Partis de Montibus); Curchas (de) Basilio, vile Selluri (** Selluri - Sedduri - Seddori: odierno Sanluri. Et ego Capula Marcus .sindicus, actor et procurator ville Selluri.seu to Petro De Castay, captain and Margiano Costa locatenente, locuntenente potestatis terre Selluri et Omnibus habitatoribus dictare terre, congregatis. X die januarii 1388); Curchas (de) Francisco, vile Selluri; Curchas (de) Guantino, jurato ville Simagis de Sancto Juliano (* Simagis de Sancto Juliano.distrutto. Simaxis di su. Contrate Campitani Simagis; Curchas (de) Guantino, ville Cerchillo (* Cerchillo ... current Berchidda. Curatorie de Costa de Valls); Curchas (de) Hugolino, city Genadas (* Genadas.villaggio distrutto (Laconi ..Contrate partis Alença); Curchas (de) Joanne, city of Sardara (** SARDARA MONTIS REGALIS ... 11 GENNAIO 1388, et ego ... Gadulesu Margiano, old man from Sardara, sindicus actor et procurator universitatis Contrate Montis Regalis et Villarum et etc. In Posse Virde Andrea, Virde Joanne, from Civitate Sasseri, notaries public, from the 11th Januarii 1388); Curchas (de) Laorencio, jurato ville Goçula (* Goçula .distrutto. Goçuna: Partis de Montibus); Curchas (de) Laorencio, ville Laconi (** Laconi.et Contrate Partis Alença et etc. its Atara Barçolo, officiate Alatory's Curatorie. In posse Penna Ambrosii et filii Guiducii (Penna) notary ... from the 12th januarii 1388. (ni yes bestiarium pastors and so on); Curchas (de) Leorio, Majore ville Serdis de Monte (* Serdis de Monte.distrutto. Partis de Montibus); Curchas (de) Leorio, Laconi ville; Curchas (de) Petro, Castile Castello Serravallis Castile (the castle is located near the town of Bosa and was built by Malaspina). Curchas (de) Petro, jurato v Laconi; Curchas (de) Philipo; Curchas (de) Salvatore, sworn ville Oçana (* Oçana.odierno Ottana. Curatorie Dore); Curchas (de) Stefano, town of Sardara; Curchas De) Gunario, jurato ville Gistorlu * Gistorlu ... villaggio distrutto (Anglona). Get in touch with Anglona - Chiaramente); Curchas Petro, ville Gemessi (* Gemussi.distrutto: Jemussi o Gimussa? Partis de Montibus); Curchas (de) Gantino, town of Sardara. The name of the abitatio center, Curcas or Curcaso è presente in Condaghe di San Pietro di Silki, CSPS, XI, XIIIth century: (42, 45, 85): (posture of servos = donation of servi) .et the presbytery Ithoccor of Frauile, who has the Corona de iudike Gosantine in Curcaso.Ne Condaghe of St. Nicholas of Trullas, at the end. 284, in a swap: Served with Gosantine from Thori de Curcas, with the help of this woman, Donna Anna, who is the fiancée Petru de Serra, a fiancée of Dorbeni. Let me tell you (my diede) Latus (the meth, of the servizio) of Ythoccor Thule; et ego deili latus by Gosantine Leppore, fiancé of Petru Biote. Testes (I follow and witness). Currently, the name is Cruccas and is present in 40 Italian communities, of which 22 in Sardinia (with a greater frequency in Sulcis Iglesiente): Perdaxius 25, Iglesias 19, Tratalias 14, Cagliari 23, Guspini 11; etc. Curcas and present in 5 Communes of the Sardinia: Carbonia 17, Siniscola 3, Decimoputzu 3, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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