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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Cumino


Cuminetti, extremely rare it seems of the Bergamo, Cuminetto is practically unique, Cumini. very rare, it is specific Friulian of the area between Udine and Cividale, Cumino, also very rare, is typical of Turin and its surroundings, all derive from the medieval name Cuminus of which we have an example in the Diplomatic Code of medieval Lombardy in Milan in the year 1153: "... Placuit atque convenit inter Adelardum diaconum de order maiore Sancte Mediolanensis Ecclesie filium quondam Lanfranci qui dicitur Cuminus, nec non et inter Iohannem qui dicitur from Muzane de civitate Mediolani ...". We find traces of this surname in Villa d'Adda (BG) since the end of the 1300s where the Cumini are mentioned among the Ghibelline families of the city, in the same period we find Cumini in Artegna (UD).

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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