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Absolutely very rare Cusinati and Cusinato are of Paduan origin, Cusini is typical of the Valtellina, should depend on a dialect nickname. additions provided by Giacomo Ganza / Villa di Tirano (SO) These surnames derive from a dialectal word meaning cousin (kinship). additions provided by Paolo Cucinato Alzate Brianza (Co) Several hypotheses can be made on these surnames. The Cusinato family was originally from Bassano del Grappa (VI) at least since 1259: a Roman inscription listing the names of a hundred years old says ".... Aulus Cusinius Clarus munificies ......"; by Dante Olivieri (Venetian toponymy) a certain Cusinius turns out to be the founder of the town of Cusignana di Arcade (Tv); the surname Cusin is listed among the surnames of Jewish origin the meaning is: son of Kus (Chus), or Saulle, son of Cam. King David writes a lamentation about it (Bible Psalm 7: 1); in a notarial deed of Bassano of 1259 (F. Scarmoncin) a Pietro Cosino is witness; in a notarial deed dated 1316, Albertino, son of Cusin da Crespano (G. Farronato), was a witness; in 1508 there are the Cuxins, still in Bassano nella Rosà (G. Farronato); in 1550 there are the Cuxinus, also from the Rosà (G.Farronato); according to F. Signori (historical Bassano toponymy) the Cusin della Rosà give their name to the contrada dei Cusinati which still exists as a fraction of Rosà, a municipality in the Bassano area. Our family was Cusinato until 1810/20. From then on in the registers of civil status (S. Maria in Colle di Bassano) it was changed into Cucinato, while the original non-altered surname continues in other locations in the Veneto. Last hypothesis not to be overlooked: in a region of Croatia, 100 km south of Zagreb there is the surname Kucinic in several countries in the area (also written Kuchinich). An American politician, distinguished in the last US election campaign, Dennis Kuchinich, is of declared Croatian origins. One of my great-great-grandparents (1789) was of Dalmatian origin. Therefore, given the hypotheses set out above, I considered it quite simplistic and hasty to derive the surname in question only from the dialectal form of cousin = cusin, which is realistic but not complete.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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