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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Ferragutti


Ferracuti seems to have in addition to the main stock in the Piceno, also one in the province of Rome, Ferraguti has an Emilian and a Lazio stock, Ferraguto, very rare, has a line between Diamante and Maiera in the Cosenza area and one in Sicily between Melilli (SR), Syracuse and Canicattì, Ferragutti, Ferragutto, Ferreguti, Ferregutti and Ferro are almost unique, Ferrau, absolutely rare, seems to be specific to Villacidro (CA), Ferraù, very rare and typical of Messina and Tortorici (ME), Ferrigutti is unique, present only in Melegnano, all derive from the medieval name Ferracutus, a name made famous by a twelfth-century chanson de geste where one can read: "... Tunc Ferracutus eiecit ictum spata sua super ...", in 1400 in Brisighella (RA) we find a master builder identified as Ferracuto di Brisighella. additions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi Ferracuti is typical of the Ascoli and the Romans, Ferraguti is more widespread in the Modena area, in the Parma area, in the Roman area and in the Frosinone area, Ferraguto has a lineage in the Syracuse area and one in the Cosenza area, Ferragutti, very rare, is perhaps originating Piedmont, Ferragutto, unique, it is found only in Minturno (LT), Ferraù has a major nucleus in the Messina area, Ferreguti, also unique, found only in Piove di Sacco (PD), Ferregutti, almost unique, seems to be a native of Padua, Ferrigutti, unique, is present only in Melegnano (MI), all these surnames derive from the medieval name Ferracuto or Ferraguto, with the literal meaning of acute iron: this name, born as an epithet attributed to brave warriors (sharp iron is of course the knight's weapon), also spread thanks to the epic knighthood and, in the Renaissance age, it is then found in the famous works of Boiardo and Ariosto (respectively the Orlando Innamorato and the Orlando Furioso), both as Ferraguto and as Ferraù.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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