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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Foddis


Fodde is specific to central-northern Sardinia, Foddi is typical of Gonnosfanadiga (CA) and Cagliari, Foddis is typical of south-central Sardinia, it could derive from nicknames originated from the Sardinian word foddi (grape skin, pocket of the saddlebag, bellows) probably linked to the craft of the progenitor. additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Foddis is a frequent surname in Sardinia, but also present in Lazio, perhaps due to migratory movements. It is the plural of family, of Campidanese form, of cognition. Fodde, Foddi, which corresponds to the noun fòdde, foddi (mantice), which derives from the lat. follis; it is documented in the Condaghe of Trullas as Folle. Source: M. Pittau, The surnames of Sardinia, 1990 additions provided by Giuseppe Concas FODDI: the bellows of the blacksmith: su foddi, in Campidanese; sa fodde in Logudorese. Is foddis (campidanese) or sas foddes (logudorese). de sa bertula are the pockets or pockets of the bag of orbace (sa bertula de orbaci). In Latin follis. A moderately widespread surname in the southern part of the island. I am reminded of a tongue twister learned from a child (imbabapippius), with a "Foddi" as protagonist: "Coccòi Foddi, Coccòi Foddi, tàllat and còsit and còit a mòddi, and ndi còit a beautiful pinjàda, Coccòi Foddi conca spinniàda"! In the ancient maps there is only in the form "Folle", which in recent times becomes Fodde (see Fodde). Currently the surname Foddi is present in 38 Municipalities of Italy, of which 21 in Sardinia. It is a surname deeply rooted in the town of Gonnosfanadiga. (09035 - Medio Campidano), which alone counts almost half of the Foddis of all Sardinia. As proof, where the surname has taken deep roots, we are witnessing the branching of the same into numerous nicknames or nicknames. In the Regions of the Continent we find it in 2 Municipalities of Liguria (Genoa 4), 5 of Lombardy (Milan 7), 1 of Piedmont (Turin 2), 1 of Tuscany (Prato 3), 1 of Lazio (Rome 3). FODDE: for meaning and etymology see Foddi. We find it in the ancient documents of the Sardinian language in the ancient variant Folle, among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora of 1388, * LPDE: Folle Anthonio, ville Macumerii (Macomer); Folle Joanne, ville Macumerii; Folle Mariano, ville Macumerii. In the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas, * CSNT XI °, XII ° sec., To the ch. 53/1 we find Folle Andrìa and the chapters 78, 83, 90, etc. Crowds Gitimel Maiore d'iscolca (the maiore d'ìscolca or de scolca, in the Giudicati period was the chief of the guards who guarded the borders of the Villa, that is of the rural center). Currently it is present in 65 Municipalities of the national territory, of which 32 in Sardinia with greater diffusion in the central north part of the island. On the Continent it is present in 1 Municipality of the E. Romagna (Bologna 3), Lazio 5 (Rome 13), Liguria 2 (Genoa 2), Lombardy (Cologno Monzese 3), Piedmont 6 (Collegno5), Tuscany 2 (Grossetto 3), etc. In the USA we find it in 2 States: New York and Missouri with 1 or 2 families. FODDIS: for meaning and etymology see Foddi. It is present, currently, in 111 Municipalities of the national territory, of which 51 in Sardinia. In the peninsula we find it in 4 Municipalities of Lazio (Rome 25), in 1 of Liguria (Genoa 2), in 8 of Lombardy (Milan 14), in 8 of Piedmont (Turin 7), etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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