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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Muscetti


Muscetta. typically southern, it would seem typical of the area that includes the Tarentino and the Matera, with a stock also in Campania, Muscetti has a stock in Sondalo in the Sondri area and one in Naples and Benevento, Muscetto is unique, Muscettola is from the Foggia area, from Manfredonia, San Nicandro Garganico and Monte Sant'Angelo, should derive from Italianizations of the surname Mouchet arrived in southern Italy in the wake of the Angevins, the house of Muscettola, which probably takes its name from the archaic term muscettola (finch), dates back at least to the tenth century, it originated in Ravello in the Salerno area, it exerted feudal dominion over many lands in Puglia, in particular in the Taranto area where they became Princes of Leporano, Dukes of Melito and Spezzano, Counts of Picerno and Lords and Barons of Pulsano, one cannot however exclude the possibility that in some cases derive from nicknames originated from hypocorisms of the term fly. hypothesis provided by Paolo Muscetta Muscetta has a strain in the Avellino area, and in the Neapolitan dialect as well as in the Potentino and Cosenza areas, Muscetti is widespread in Benevento and Sondrio, the surname should originate from an alteration of the surname Muscettola, which belonged to a Roman family moved to the Neapolitan area around 1200 and ascribed to the Neapolitan Patriciate of the Mountain Seat, decorated with the titles of Prince of Leporano, Duke of Spezzano and Count of Piperno. The Muscettola family is inscribed in the noble book of the Scalensi families (Scala - Amalfi) the link between the two families is enshrined in a reference reported in the PERGAMENE of Casa Sanframondi in the ALIFANO MUSEUM, in which a certain Joannocto scaletto is mentioned as recipient of the assets of Francesca Sanframondi ciambellana of the Queen, founder of the monastery of the Poor Clares in Cerreto. Joannocto muscetto di Scala (then Muscettola) should be the forefather of the Muscetta of Avellino and Benevento. The original places of residence of the Muscettas are the Campania Region, with the provinces of Naples, Benevento and Avellino. - XIIth century Giovanna Muscetta is buried in the Church of S. Spirito in Benevento (source: A.Zazo, "L'Obituarium S.Spiritus" of the Capitular Library of Benevento). - 1399 The Casato Muscetta is mentioned among the Noble Families of Naples and San Giorgio (source: GASummonte, "Historia della Città and Regno di Napoli"). - 1489 Cola Muscetta and Francone Muscetta are mentioned among the Family Heads of Massa Lubrense (Naples) (source: R.Filangieri, "History of Massa Lubrense"). - 16th Century Some families, including the Muscetta family, have been part of the Noble Families of Massa Lubrense for more than 500 years (source: G.Maldacea, "History of Massa Lubrense"). - 1558 Giovanni Domenico Muscetta, his sister Vannella and his mother Lucenta appear in the list of the inhabitants of Massa Lubrense kidnapped by the Turks in the invasion of June 1558; the same goes for Antonia Muscetta and her sister Carmosina; the same applies to Iacomo Muscetta and his sister Fiorella (source: R.Filangieri, "History of Massa Lubrense"). - 1821 Don Angelo Maria Muscetta, Mayor of San Giorgio La Molara (Benevento), is dismissed by the King of Naples for his participation in the revolutionary uprisings against the Bourbons (source: V.Cannaviello, "The Irpines in the 1820 revolution and in the reaction"). - 1848 Carlo Muscetta and Pietrantonio Muscetta appear in the list of patriots (persecuted politicians) who arose in Nova Siri (Basilicata) in the uprisings of 1848 against the Bourbons (source: "M.Lacava," History of the Revolution in Basilicata of 1860 and of conspiracies that preceded it "). - Secolo XIX The Muscetta Family appears in the list of the main landowners in the district of S.Giorgio La Molara (Benevento) (source: A. Meomartini," The Municipalities of the Province of Benevento ").

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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