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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Nicolino


Niccolai is typical of upper Tuscany, Nicol, extremely rare, it would seem of Turin, Nicola is widespread in Piedmont and in western Lombardy, in the Pavia area in particular, with stocks also in the Treviso and Udine areas, Nicolai is specific to the area that includes the provinces of Rome, Viterbo, Rieti, L'Aquila, Ascoli Piceno and Terni, Nicolaio, very rare, is specific to Torraca in the lower Salerno area, Nicolais, quite rare, has a stock in Rome and Campania in Naples and Calitri in 'Avellino, Nicolao has a stock in the area between Trentino, Belluno and Trevisano and uo between Neapolitan, Salerno and Potentino, with a small stock in Terni and Rome, Nicolazzi, very rare seems to be typical of the Novara area, Nicolazzo has a stock in the Vicenza area , in Isola Vicentina and Vicenza, and a very large stock in the Catanzaro area, in particular in Lamezia Terme, but also in Platania and Feroleto Antico, Nicole, absolutely rare, is probably due to errors in transcription of Nicolè, who is specific to Padua with good presences also in Selvazzano Dentro, Maserà of Padua and Rubano in Padua, and in Venice and Dolo in the Venetian dialect, Nicolella is typically from Campania, from Naples, Casavatore and Forio on the island of Ischia, of Casoria in the Neapolitan and Camerota and Bellosguardo in the Salerno and Frasso Telesino and Guardia Sanframondi and Benevento in the Benevento area with a small stock also in the frusinate and in the Foggia area, Nicolello is typically Piedmontese, from Cavaglia in the Biella area and Turin, Nicolet is specific to Val D 'Aosta, in particular of Challand Saint Anselme, Nicoletta is typical of the provinces of Crotone and Catanzaro, Nicoletti is absolutely panitalian, Nicoletto is typical of the Paduan area, Nicoli is typical of northern Italy, Nicolia is characteristic of frusinate, of Ceccano and Frosinone, Nicoliello it is absolutely Campania, of the Salerno area, of Vallo della Lucania and San Giovanni a Piro, Nicolin, absolutely Venetian, of Sovizzo, Lonigo, Grumolo delle Abbad they and Vicenza in the Vicenza area and of San Pietro in Gu and Gazzo in the Paduan area, Nicolini is extremely widespread throughout the centronord, Nicolino has a nucleus between Turin and Cuneo, a small stock in the Salerno and one in Calabria, Nicolis, specific to Verona, is particularly widespread in Verona, with good presences also in Grezzana, San Pietro in Cariano, Negrar, Villafranca di Verona, San Martino Buonalbergo, Pescantina and Bussolengo, Nicolo has a stock in the Biella area of Sordevolo and Muzzano, and one in Reggio Calabria, Nicolò has a stock in the Reggio area and one in Lazio and upper Campania, Nicolotti has a stock in Turin and in Turin in Azeglio and Villareggia, and in Novara, and one in Castellaneta in the Taranto area, Nicolucci has a line between Ravenna and Forlì, one in Umbria, one in the Theatine and one between Viterbo, Roman and Latin, Nicolussi is specific to the area that includes the provinces of Bolzano, Trento and Vicenza. All these surnames derive, directly or through hypocoristic or patronymic modifications, from variations of the medieval name Nicolaus or Nicolao and its derivatives like Nicola, Nicolò, etc.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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