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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Orabona


Orabona is typical of Naples, Nola and Giugliano in Campania in the Neapolitan and Aversa, Parete, Lusciano, Casapesenna, Carinaro, Caserta and Villa Literno in Caserta, Oraboni, Oroboni and Orobono are almost unique, and are probably the result of transcription errors of the previous one, Orabono, absolutely rare, is also of the Neapolitan, Oriboni, also extremely rare, it would seem Lombard, even though most likely it is also the result of transcription errors, they should all derive from the medieval name Horabona, Horabonus or Horabunus, a name attributed to long-awaited sons, therefore fruits of a favorable moment, or to which good times were hoped for, an example of this name is found in the Diplomatic Code of Medieval Lombardy in a Cartula ordinationis of 1131 in Pavia: "Year ab incarnacione domes our Iesu Christi thousandth hundredth thirteenth first, octavo kalendas setenbris, index ninth Ego Scotto, filius quondam Horabona, profess here us sum ex nacione mea lege live Romana, presens presentibus I say: vita et mors in manu Dei est; et manifestum est mihi eo quod volo order et dissonare nominative cuncta mea substantia, iuris mei, tam rerum mobileum quamque inmobilium, positis rebus inmobilibus tan within Titjnensen civitate, casis et buildingsis et terris, quamque et foris in quibuscumque locis et territoriis intra hoc Italicum Regnum de meis iuris rebus inventum fuerit ... ", the name we find also among the trentine notaries of 1314, where the notary Nicholaus domini Horabuni de Casale is quoted, a second hypothesis proposes for Oraboni and Orabono a derivation from the Lombard name Auribano to his vault derived from the medieval Germanic terms aur (lightning bolt) and bano (the one who kills), in the sense of one who kills with lightning.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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