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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Pais


Pais is typical of Sassari, Sassari and Alghero, with significant presence also in Usini, Ploaghe and Tissi in the Sassari area and in Nuoro and Macomer in the Nuoro area. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas PAIS: in phonetic language we have pàîs, with nasalization of "i" = panis = pani (see Pani) It indicates the belonging to the family of Pani. We commonly say: "Esti de is Pa (n) is"! is of the Pani family. Or simply, "de is Pa (n) is". Which also indicates a land, a shop, a specific place: "su de is Pa (n) is". In the ancient maps we find it among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, * LPDE of 1388: Pais Comita, villas Cerchillo (today's Berchidda - already belonging to the Curatoria de Costa de Valls). In the Condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, * CSMB, 11th, 13th century, we find: Pais Comita, armentariu de iudike (85). The armentariu de iudike was administrator or general superintendent of the court of the Judge. In a dispute between the church of Bonarcado and the court of Arborea, for the belonging (of the servitude) of the sons of Luxuri Meloni. Pais Comita, bishop of Uellus (87, 93, 110, 122, 125, 176), often cited as a witness, in the division of servants. In history we remember: Francesco Pais Serra (Bitti 1837 - Rome 1924), general, journalist and politician. Member of Parliament from 1896 to 1919. he was mainly interested in Sardinian problems. He collaborated in the preparation of the "Report of the Parliamentary inquiry on the economic and security conditions in Sardinia", under the Crispi government. Currently the surname Pais is present in 117 Municipalities of Italy, of which 37 in Sardinia: Sassari 182, Alghero 126, Nuoro 21, Macomer 20, Usini 19, Cagliari 19. In the peninsula is Rome in first place with 43, Genoa 18, Turin 8, Milan7.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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