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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Rausa


Rausa has a Salentino strain, to Scorrano, Casarano and Poggiardo in Leccese in particular, and one Sicilian, in Piazza Armerina and Aidone Nell'ennese and at Acquedolci in Messina, Rausi, much rarer, is specific to Catania, Rauso has a Roman strain, one in Molise to Campobasso and Riccia in Campobassano and one, the most consistent, in Santa Maria Capua Vetere in the Caserta with good presences also in San Tammaro and Capua, always in the Caserta. Additions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi on the origin of these surnames converge at least two hypotheses, to be considered valid according to the different provenance of these families. In Sicily, first of all, it is very probable that Rausa and Rausi are born from a dialect pronunciation of the toponym Ragusa (Raùsa in Sicilian dialect), to indicate either the provenance or directly the personal name of the founder-according to a very widespread formula In the ancient onomastics, in which the place name was often inspired by the names of persons (see RAGUSA). Passing now to the second hypothesis, however, it should be noted that in many cases the surnames Rausa and Rauso derive yes from place names, but not from the Italian one: in the Peninsular field, in fact, these surnames allude more often to a ragusea origin for the families in question, That is, an ancient provenance from the Republic of Ragusa-the historical region of the Adriatic-Balkan area, now a modern Croatia (see Ragusa and Rausei). It should be recalled, in this regard, that in ancient times the Republic of Ragusa was an illustrious seafaring republic in the Western Balkans-from the FOURTEENTH century to the 1808-and its territory occupied the geographical basin of southern Dalmatia and the Elaphite islands: the Capital of the Republic, also known as the Ragusea Republic or the Republic of Dubrovnik, was precisely the city of Ragusa (Dubrovnik in Croatian), whose name, in the course of history, underwent several linguistic changes, often also dialectal (for a More thorough explanation, see of Rauso).

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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