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Violi has an emilian strain, mainly concentrated in Parmigiano, Reggiano and Modena, a Roman strain and a strain in the Reggino, Violin is typical of the Veneto area, Friulana, Padua and Venetian and Pordenone and Udinese, violins has a Lombard, Piedmontese, In the area between Novarese, Varesotto, Verbanese and Comasco, a Marche branch, between Pesaro and Ancona, a Roman strain and one in Nisseno, Violo is specific to the area that includes the provinces of Rome, Latina, Frosinone and Caserta, with a strain also in the Trevisano and One in Nisseno, Violoni, very rare, has a stump in the Piceno and one in the Roman, all these surnames, directly or through hypocoristic or accreitive, should derive from the medieval name, even masculine, violet, name that was used by the Germanic peoples in the era Medieval: "... Thorstein et Thurida multos liberos habuerunt; Olavus Feilan, Viola dictus est filius eorum... "In Rome, in the Renaissance era we read of a certain Nicola di maestro Antonio da Faenza dictus Viola, butcher, these surnames could in other cases also derive from names of localities such as Val Viola in Alta Lombardy, the village of Viola in Piedmont, in Udinese and in Cosentino, violas in Perugino, Valle Viola in Latinense, Villa Viola in the Teramano or Piano violas in the Beneventano, or similar. Integrations provided by Giovanni Vezzelli II surname Violi, documented for several centuries as such, is from the Emilia region. Not very widespread in Modenese; It records some presence in Milan. Rather than move from the purple name, although in the dialect the surname Sounds vjóla, or by the instrument, or by the local purple name, it seems instead to be an apheretic form of the medieval staff (Ga) Viulus (see Gavioli): Therefore a patronymic. Source: Franco Violi: Surnames in Modena and Modenese, 1996.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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