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Vizzi has strains in Rome, Salento in Corigliano D'otranto and Lizzanello and in Sicily in Licata, Raffadali and Campobello di Licata in Agrigentino and Palermo, Vizzielli is specific to Ginosa in Tarantino, Vizziello is characteristic of Matera where it is very widespread, Vizzino It's definitely Salentino del Leccese, of Uggiano the church, Giurdignano, Supersano, Minervino of Lecce, Salve and Vernole, Vizzo is typical of the Potentino, power and fussy, Vizzone has a Roman strain and a significant presence in Calabria, Vizzoni would seem Specific to Camaiore (LU), Vizzotto is of Venetian origin, of the area that includes the Padovano, the Venetian and the Trevisano, they should derive all, directly or through various forms hypochoral or accreitive, even dialectal, from nicknames originated from the Italian term archaic blights (withered, flaccid), perhaps to identify a physical characteristic of the ancestor. Information provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Vizziello is the surname Lucano present in Matera, Pisticci, Policoro, Stigliano and often elsewhere, sporadically in Lecce, Vizzielli in Taranto = Vizziello top. In Prov. of Bari: ' Sons of the Vizzo '. (see). Vizzo is the surname Lucano present at Pignola, Potenza; See. You are a CAL. And in Salento: Tosc. He has lost his freshness.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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